Official SF4 Xbox 360 "early quitters" Data-base

So seems like every few games I get, its with someone who “disconnects” from a match right before losing.

Yes there is a discussion thread on quitters it in the SF4 forum. This will act as a database of gamer-tags to avoid. We can even have it alphabetized for look up before each match.

I will try to update this post with the offenders.
Providing a picture for evidence will suffice.

Repeat offenders will have a " * " next to their name signifying a player to avoid.

Disclaimer: People do experience legitimate disconnects during matches.



GT: Fierce Attack


Seriously though, you can’t really tell who in this thread had their names put on here falsely. Like if their internet/power went out for a second.

Like that picture against MAD, he could have easily come back to win that round. seeing as he had ultra and a super.

Actually, I had srk–> combo’ed into a ultra that was off. He pulled when I ultra’ed.

Thing is, if multiple people or if I have another match with the same outcome with the same player player ( the “internet/power goes out for a second” when they’re about to about to lose), there’s a good chance the guy’s pulling the Ethernet/power plug.

Also, I left the disclaimer there for a reason and the asterisk mark notation for repeat offenders.