Official SFAE Joystick


You know those joysticks that were released along with SFAC for xbox and ps2, right? The orangey ones with all the characters along the bottom?

This one. (well, that one’s modded, but you get the idea.)

Has anyone used one of those? Are they any good? Worth buying?


try doing some research


EDIT: Never mind Shoo beat me to it.


::shakes head:: Since the search actually works now… Come on man, it would have taken 30 seconds to search for information.


you chumps thats not what he asked for…
OP, the stick outta the box sucks, but it can be modded with real happ parts (in the link shoo posted) and it becomes 1000x better, the case is big and heavy which is good when you’re dealing with happs, they’re worth the prices if they’re under 60 bucks, which aint happening.


Yeah, I’m not sure what was unclear about this. I wasn’t asking how to mod it, I was asking if the stock ones are any good. Thanks Button_m4sh for answering the real question.


Acknowledged. Still, the Search function is your best friend, and you will be everyone’s best friend too if you use it. For any further questions, especially “should-I-buy-this” ones, I recommend posting in this thread:

Edit: Did you find one you would be buying and picking up in person? I noticed you’re from BC too; if you’re ordering anything this big/heavy online, shipping is BRUTAL for us. I figured I’d mention to you that buying a MAS stick will be notably cheaper than ordering a SF stick plus the parts required to mod it for the same level of quality. The SF sticks are wayyy overpriced due to being out-of-print and semi-collectables.