Official shmupmame Super Turbo thread


I’ve never seen any CONFIRMATION of the arcade stick poll rate. Would love to. Right now, if playing on the computer, I use a separate USB controller for gaming (have a bunch of stuff plugged into my “main” usb controller).



Papasi, would you mind running some tests with HLSL on / off? I’d like to see how much lag such filtering adds, if any. HLSL makes the VIEWING experience significantly better.


I don’t know what is HLSL. I have already torn down the setup. but if i were to run tests in the future, i’ll keep that in mind.


Killer thread… great contribution as always, you rule paps, too bad i only play offline st like 1 time in a month sometimes every two months, it sucks i know :frowning: , anyway i have to download this when i get home and give it a try.


Its a filtering mechanism built into MAME that makes it look tolerable (adds scanlines, stuff like that) on a standard computer LCD. Stock, most games look pretty atrocious.



how do i get this shit to work? i can’t launch any of the games.


if you don’t have the roms in the DEFAULT dir it wont run


You can change the default roms dir by opening up MameGUI.exe in the shmupmame folder and going to Options -> Directories -> MAME Paths or by editing mame.ini once that file is generated.

Weird things about changing the options in MameGUI, though… once you edit an option you have to at least select or go to another option for it to save the field you just changed. And if an ini file was already generated for whatever game you’re trying to edit, it doesn’t seem to save the new option at all… so you either edit it in the game’s ini or just delete it and start fresh.


This is awesome… but my ST rom DOESNT work with this MAME (it worked with other MAME, FBA, GGPO and Kawaks). Any tips?


Also my NeoGeo games and HyperFighting and lotsa other games, just a few appear playable! wtf


You need to update your rom set. For help, use Google or try talking to people in GGPO.


That means i have to download EACH rom again? Just because this MAME doesnt support them (but every other emu i have do?)?


You shouldn’t have to. I’m utilizing the same exact one used for prior MAME’s and GGPO FBA. I’m guessing a re-audit did not help?


ggpo’s st roms won’t work with the latest mame

there is a hint in the first post hidden under ‘spoiler’ if you cannot figure it out on your own by googling etc


I love you Papasi, no joke :slight_smile: lets see if it works…


Suddenly very excited about ST again…


Papasi this fucking ROCKS! Any chance to get a link for the modified build you mentioned on the second post? THANKS!




it probably would be better to have separate folders for the older ROM versions you want to play. So you can use both the latest MAME but also the older Finalburn.
Because now CPS2 ROMs will also change due to Qsound decapping.

Latest MAME does not play those games because it requires qsound.bin


I want the modified build for the easy input menu, i want to check if it saves multiple button configs.

Played today with a friend, this emu ROCKS, thanks again, Papasi!