Official shmupmame Super Turbo thread


Absolutely! Calamity’s testing shows .65 frames of incremental lag over the cps2 hardware. That is pretty phenomenal! I’ve done the usb polling rate tweak and it seems to further help. At that point we are likely hovering RIGHT ON TOP of the hardware.



sorry i haven’t followed groovymame’s development.

so it has .65 frames at best? that’s not better than shmupmame is it?

i didn’t go into the details of how shmupmame reduce the input lag (as well as groovymame).
can groovy or shmup take advantage of each other’s trick and make it even better?


regarding input lag. will it be reduced if I use a non-USB keyboard?
Eg playing the game on laptop.


Since the original developer of shmupmame is not supporting/replying on his forum, I couldn’t make any contribution to make it easier for ST tournament/practice.

OTOH the groovymame dev did the opposite, I have now attached a modified version of groovymame that does

  1. fast buttom mapping for P1 / P2
  2. fast save/load state – no prompting for slot numbers and you can easily map the extra 2 buttons on your stick to do save/load. Just turn on cheat > training mode + infinite time.


FYI, piFBA was released for the Raspberry Pi. CPS2 now runs at 60FPS, but I am experiencing significant input delay. If any Linux gurus with a Pi want to download the src and mess around, please do so. I think this could be an excellent, portable, low cost alternative.


this has potential to be huge for 2d fighters because those raspberry pi things are only like 35 bucks a pop. Maybe rufus can take a look into this.


Mini ST as the future?


I think the biggest problem for ST has always been the lagless display, now that we have solved the custom input controller issue (ud-cps2).


They simply don’t make truly lagless displays for modern gaming. We either have to adapt and choose the least-laggy LCD which are commonly available, or count on a few guys to sling heavy CRTs everywhere.


is there any difference in lag if you disable the BGM and the backgrounds through cheats?

I played Vampire Savior and by doing this I think game felt a little more responsive


Are there any video setting (audio too) to do in addition the game speed to have the most closest arcade experience? I use the Shmupmame v4.2 Qt GUI + Command line (win 64-bit) and play 2X (97% game speed is already configured). There are some chance to run Shmupmame at Raspberry Pi and play 2X with many arcades(or pads) being exchanged like a offline tournament and works fine like a regular PC?


Jedpossum determined that disabling the related routines alters game speed. It looks like they are part of the cause of different speeds in different stages. Just disabling backgrounds in MAME, though, I don’t know.


I have read through the whole thread and I’m still a bit confused about the speed setting. When you all refer to “change speed to 97%” are you talking about the “main cpu overclock” setting or something else that I’m missing? I may be wrong due to the low quality of the videos I have watched (Gamespot Versus etcetc), but I think it seems a tad too fast in comparison.


Is the general consensus still that Shmupmame still provides the closest representation of the ST arcade experience? I read somewhere that the latest version of Mame was fairly accurate too having been tested at Evo. Just wondering as Shmupmame hasn’t been updated for a couple of years now.


Tested at Evo? Been to Evo the last few years specifically for ST, and at least on the floor space, we weren’t using MAME at all. Can’t speak as to how well modern versions of MAME compare to shmupmame, but shmupmame was tested to be extremely accurate in comparison to arcade settings, once you setup shmupmame right.


Ok good to know - thought I read it was tested there in recent years but if you’ve been there and not seen it then maybe not! Would love to go to evo myself at some point.


Well, I’m just saying the testing of modern MAME didn’t happen on the floor room. I’ve got no idea if people did independent testing up in their rooms or what have you, and I haven’t seen any mention of people testing is, so who knows? Would love to see the page where they talked about it if it did happen though.

Evo is dope! You should definitely go in the near future. It’s one of those hallmark experiences to have if you’re really into fighting games and the community.


I compiled a 64-bit Windows version of Shmupmame that has “Quick Input Config” like HDR and 3SOE. Also fixes some of those “double input” issues for NeoGeo roms etc.!uMIx2BYB!mBNC0gRsotnxVfvYnCQeA9SjiHYP43AIzRlRapzqPlU

Standard disclaimers apply.


thank you !!!


Thank you for all that great info papasi, I read it two years ago and been playing shmupmame with my ST friends pretty arcade perfect. ilitirit, thank you for the updated version will try out tonight the quick input should be pretty cool. Still an ST fan to this day. Fightcade is not as accurate for online play, correct? I haven’t tried online since back in the day with Kaillera but was hoping to level up my ST game. Played the ST tournamet in Final Round last year that was on the cabinet felt so nice. Need to get better for future tournaments if there are any, I will always enter.