Official Shot of Harvey Dent (pre Two-face) for Dark Knight

… I know its nothing special.

I smell ARG

Huh. I thought Liev Schriber was playing Two Face, guess not…

pretty slick!

Vote Nathan Petr…er…Wrong franchise.

Is that the guy from Thank You For Smoking?


wonder who’d win between the two?

WITHOUT the little Technomancer rigging the election…

Did you say Tech Romancer?


Lex Luther would beat both of their asses in an election, or the Japanese guy from the Eagle manga. :razzy:

and out come the memes:

Yeah, that’s my only problem with it so far. It looks straight out of that movie. Can’t wait to see the “real” Two-face.

Things can always change…

People thought that Billy Dee Williams would be playing Two-Face in 1989…

Aaron Eckhart is a great actor, and that’s why I love this franchise.

It’s completely loaded with some of the absolute best actors out there, and it’s such a huge departure from the previous campiness that’s associated with every live-action project that’s associated with Batman.

I don’t want to get into Batman & Robin because I still don’t think I officially recognize it’s existence, but even the first two had that Tim Burton wackiness that’s a blend of campy mixed with lots of creepy.

And Adam West and company (bless their hearts) are the very definition of campiness.

But look at the ridiculous line-up of actors that have been attached to this new Batman Begins franchise.

The first movie had Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, and two of the three greatest voice narrators of all time in Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman (only missing James Earl Jones). And Liam Neeson continues to play that old, wise mentor role to perfection (Qui-Gon, Aslan). And Aaron Eckhart, Cillian Murphy, and Heath Ledger (no homo) are all excellent actors as well. The only subpar actor in both movies so far has been Katie Holmes, whose character could have been replaced by like anyone and I wouldn’t have noticed a bit.

Forget trying to cast a movie based on what the actors look like - just load it with awesome actors and you can’t fail. Casino Royale is probably the biggest and most successful example of that working. Daniel Craig - although universally hated when announced as the new Bond - is an awesome actor, and now he’s universally loved as the new Bond.

That whole shift in approach has turned these into real, serious actual movies - not cheap campy comic book movies. They’re legitimately real movies now, and they’re shedding that whole idea that comic book movies can’t be taken seriously as real movies.

…of course, Spider-Man 3 probably fucked that all up now.

Katie Holmes has already been replaced in the second movie, with Maggie Gyllanhall or however you spell her last name. I think you’ll find that more acceptable.

I liked cheap thrill Spider-Man 3. It’s about time Spidey became cheesy since he already started out with two complete movies. :frowning:

More Bruce Campbell screentime is enough for me.

Co-sign on all the Batman stuff, you also forgot to mention Rutger Hauer, Tom Wilkinson and Ken Watanabe, all minor roles, but still excellent casting. :tup:

Oh, wow, check out this site.

Looks like Joker’s starting his own slander campaign. Look at it though, notice some of the pixels missing? When you put your email and the verification code in, you apparently get some email to remove a pixel from the picture. When enough pixels are removed, supposedly its going to show us a picture of the joker… I’m waiting for my email still though.

We all know what happened the last time a Ledger and a Gyllenhall appeared onscreen together.

I gots my money on a Joker Rimjob Scene! :rofl:

my pixel is 382 x 352 which is on the blue stripe, directly below the big red stripe on the US flag, about a third of the way from the left hand side of the red stripe.

Nice, mine is 331x427, which is somewhere on the red stripe, below the second I in district.

Mine is 514 x 55…at the D from Dent on the red.

Here are some “altered” pics, that might give you an idea of what the finished pic will look like:

Boredom + Photoshop = this.