Official Skullgirls Eighty Sixed merchandise and suggestions thread


I figured that the skullhearts forum has one but there may be different users here so the more exposure, the better.

Just a quick little introduction to who I am and my company. If you watch Salty Cupcakes, then you already know and can skip this section. If you don’t, well then you’re missing out! Anyways, I own a clothing company called Eighty Sixed and I am the Public Relations Manager for the company. I have been in the FGC for 10+ years. I have been Mike Z’s friend for 7+ years and watched every step of the birth of Skullgirls since he first started working on it years ago. I’m even in the credits for giving him ideas such as the “custom assist” suggestion :slight_smile: (you’re welcome!). Anyways, fast forward to today, I made my company get into the video game world and now we design clothing for the gamers and literally by the gamers. (We print and manufacture designs drawn by the gamers).

So now every week at the Skullgirls Salty Cupcakes, we have been introducing new merchandise such as shirts and pins so far. We release a fanbase shirt every week ( and also releasing official artwork by Lab Zero as well. We have the rights from both Autumn and Lab Zero to use everything Skullgirls related so our merchandise is 100% authentic unlike some stuff (other game shirts) trying to slide by copyright laws. We do all our own printing right out of So Cal so we are local to most of the gamers out here.

Here is the link to the thread on fan made weekly shirts.

The Evo shirts will be posted tonight (July 11) and they will only be sold until Sunday night.

What I want this thread to be is basically a Q&A of questions you guys have for me as well as suggestions, compliments, new ideas and concepts etc.

We are working closely and as fast as possible with Alex Ahad and his team to release merchandise of new character stuff but it takes time.

We get suggestions every week for statues, plush dolls, scarves, hoodies, hats and more. If you have any suggestions, post them in here and I will try to make it a reality. Please make it realistic though. Remember, we are a clothing company so asking for action figures and statues will probably not happen with us.

If you have ideas for contests, giveaways or even have connections to people that CAN make actions figures, give us the contact since we have the rights to make them!

We also sponsor players as well! We have Team Hazmat on board, PandaXGaming, Max Yo Videogames! and a few more players. If you stream (we partner with established players only right now) and play any games and have a following on twitch twitter facebook etc then send me an email as well at and we can partner up with you.

Danny aka MegamanDS