Official SMW Rom Hack Thread


This is thread that dedicates itself to Super Mario World rom hacks. If you wondering what a SMW Rom Hack really please report to this webpage:
Tutorials and guides will be provided in that link. Here are a few (infamous) samples of SMW Rom Hacks




You do realize this is a forum for fighting games and that GD is usually filled with trollish off the wall crap, right? Not sure how SMW fits in to that… Also, just realized you registered on the last day of 2011.

-Tha Hindu


Of course SMW has nothing to do with fighting games, idiot. That’s why this topic was posted here on GD forums in the first place. If what you said was the case, then you may as well call out everyone else on the SRK GD forums, too - new and old members alike. I don’t need your approval to post anything here and how long I’ve been here is not relevant.
If you were looking for fighting game discussions, they are here… and here… and here… and here… and here… and here… and so on. But, you should know this… right? So take your ass back to the fg discussions then, and don’t derail my thread over your bullshit!


Anyway. Here are some tutorials for those who are actually interested…!



So the dude takes the time to warn you that you will probably get shit on and you reply by shitting on him?


I warned him, but oh well. Let him get his jollies by whacking off to his mario porn.

-Tha Hindu


Whoa, this is neat. Didn’t actually know something like this existed :o



:wtf: You got issues…
I don’t need you to warn me about anything. Stay the hell out of my way.


Lol, tell me about it.

-Tha Hindu


You can either stop being a total douche, or you can go check on Gamefaqs if they give a shit about what you’re peddling.


Almost all rom hacks are shitty. Dunno, why there should be a thread when the OP just posts a bunch of Kaizo knock offs.


He’s a gentleman and a scholar, clearly we’re not on his level.

-Tha Hindu


Shut the hell up. Starting a new thread on specific games really should not have been an issue.

Wow. Just wow…
Can someone close this thread…? Apparently, there’s not much else I can do. Please just disregard this thread and close it…


Insulting a mod this thread is going places.


Well, you got the second option then. Go check on Gamefaqs.