Official Sparky Thread - Sparky Jr USB


**Sparky Jr USB **spy photos

SMD Components soldered up (by hand!)

PTH Components soldered up

Programming the chip with the USB Bootloader

Using the Configurator via USB ONLY!


Old News


October 13th - SOOOOOOONNNNN!!!

Sparky Jr v3.0 (yay)

SparkPlug v1.0

and how they fit together

now imagine having your Sparky somewhere inside your case, and a 6 pin harness connecting it to a SparkPlug which would site somewhere inside your case, but with the USB-B exposed.

the only thing that changed on the SparkPlug is that we went with an RGB LED (yes it’s a 10mm) instead of the 2 5mm LEDs, if you don’t want it, you don’t need it. its colors are activated by

  1. Green - Power indicator
  2. Blue - RX Line

3. Red - TX Line

October 6th - Sparky Configurator 3.0 sneak peak!

As we approach production, we have been busy getting our new config ready!
Check it out!


September 15th - BIG UPDATES!

okay okay okay okay… …here is the update so far.

Here is a spy pic of the latest Sparky Jr v3 development board.
This board is NOT the one that will be coming around Q3 2011, this one is kinda fun though because we included extra stuff.
Featuring a lazy man’s power supply (the mini USB only provides VCC/GND), a couple of LED’s, and 2 extra Capacitors

so, this board has been tested thoroughly and will be shortly installed into Project:SPARCLA if you have been following this thread.

Here is what the official release will look like in contrast to the Development board

the footprint is significantly smaller, the lazy man’s power supply is gone as are the 2 extra Caps (1uF & 47uF) only there for power regulation from USB
the ISP header is still there should you choose to burn a different bootloader outside of an Arduino one, or if you decide to circumvent the bootloader all together and simply load a hex file from AVRDude, AVRGCC or AVR Studio… …up to you and your confort level.

the FTDI header is still there obviously.

We are currently looking at offering 3 products, with potentially a 4th.

Guaranteed Release

Sparky Jr (mini) v3

Potential Release

SparkPlug (FTDI breakout for above Sparky Jr)

SparkPlug allows you to connect to the Sparky Jr without having to open your case. And you can have your Sparky and SparkPlug in 2 different locations in your case, simply connected with a 6 pin ribbon cable.

here is what it looks like installed in the cable compartment of the Chun Li TE-S

Sparky Jr (mini) v3 + FTDI


Introducing Future New Release



[SIZE=15px]What is it?[/SIZE]

Striker is a Sanwa JLF add on daughter board for direction LED indication.
Plug and play using the Sanwa JLF 5-pin harness and 1 additional VCC line for power.
Press a direction (including diagonals) and get an LED response.

How does it work?

Use your JLF mounting plate screws to attach the Striker PCB, and plug in the Sanwa JLF 5-pin harness to connect communications.
Striker features a 4-16 line decoder to translate the input into LED output.


Striker is pure passive components.
Mount, plug, play, enjoy!
June 29th - The Postage Strike is OVERED!

so, what does this mean.
well, hopefully jolly ole st nick will show up at my door with the Sparky Jr V2 Mini prototypes

as well as the FTDI+SMD versions

and that being said, we have released to our SVN some code fixes for those of you who experienced the random reboot issue.

the main event handlers and broadcasters where rewritten.
the color processing was rewritten
this is a proper version of the singletons, and fade in fade out. see the video at teh bottom.

so if you have an ftdi cable, feel free to grab the ‘rebuild’ folder from the svn. Files/rebuild/

a few things to note.

  1. this is a stable working code
  2. the configurator is NOT connected to this rebuild yet
  3. the COM and EEPROM objects are there but turned off.

so what can you do?
prior to uploading the source, take a look @ SparkyConfig.h and change the below section as you see fit.

char* pattern[18] = {
  "FF0000", // P1
  "00FF00", // P2
  "0000FF", // P3
  "FFFFFF", // P4
  "FFFF00", // K1
  "FF00FF", // K2
  "00FFFF", // K3
  "FFFFFF", // K4
  "FF6600", // 2x P
  "FF0099", // 3x P
  "FF3300", // 4x P
  "0000FF", // 2x K
  "FFFF00", // 3x K
  "FF3300", // 4x K
  "FF0033",// P1 + K1 (throw SFIV & SSFIV)
  "0000FF",// P2 + K2 (focus SFIV & SSFIV)
  "00FF00",// P3 + K3 (taunt SFIV & SSFIV)
  "FF0000" // P4 + K4

more things to note
there is no more jumper pin detection.
if you have an older common cathode arc eye’s you will need to change

int jumper = true;


int jumper = false;

the jumper is not software based.

there is NO MORE board version option. This code is ONLY for the PWMs V1, V2 and Mini (soon)

heres the show


June 2nd

So, we are looking to produce a ‘slimmer’ line of Sparky.
This would be the Sparky Jr v2 Mini.
It’s gonna be the last revision for some time. We will be releasing it towards the end of summer. Some EVO goers will be able to get their sticky fingers on it soon (pre EVO)

We are currently toying with some coloring, so definitely let us know.
Do you prefer the ‘Dark’ Edition or the ‘Lite’ Edition???

So whats different?

  1. No more screw terminals on the output (PnP only with ArcEye cabling and future UILA efforts)
  2. No more Reset (no one used it anyway)
  3. ATMEGA328 now in QFN SMD package. (i can’t solder MLF :lol:)
  4. Only screw terminals for inputs (no more header)
  5. Resonator will now be PTH (Thanks @Phreak)
  6. Removed 20pin TEasy Header (not enough users, cost lower as less Sq.In)
  7. No more common anode jumper. ArcEye 2 and UILA common anode mode only (but id you ask nicely, i will tell you how to switch to common cathode)
  8. Refreshed Logo (yes the logo on the back still has ‘FTDI + SMD’ on it but look below)

If there is enough interest from the community on an ‘FTDI + SMD’ version (see pic) then the Mini will be scrapped in propose of this one.

May 13th

With some interest from the crowd and emails. The original Sparky PWM, the one with the TEasy connectivity issue is up for grabs. The original mini foorprint one is discounted as well!

Here are the three boards we currently offer

Sparky Jr PWM v2 - white

starting at $23.99
click here

Sparky Jr PWM - black (NON TEasy)

starting at $21.99
click here

Sparky Jr - Original mini footprint (no frills)

$17.99 - 99 cents more that a fwidget buys you 6 more colors!!!
click here

May 9th

Hey all, so as you may be aware, we have remedied the previous TEasy Strike connection issue in the latest revision. Again, to reiterate, this was only an issue to people wanting to leverage the TEasy 20pin connector.

Info Thread: Rules, FAQs and Tutorials Inside. (READ THIS BEFORE HITTING THAT NEW THREAD BUTTON!)
Arc-Eye / Project Gouken - ARCEYE2 IS ARRIVING!
ArcEye 2 LEDs - The Ultimate LED button mod!
Moledcule: Kaimana Theme Builder, Compiler, Flasher... design... ...we code!

all your downloads are here

Official FA Sparky PWM RGB LED Controller Thread

Go sparky! I will post pics of my build tonight hopefully.

One feature request for the default software (until i can get time to sit down and get my hands dirty with code)… LEDs should have a nice blink pattern (vegas billboard style) that plays on startup, and stops once a button is pressed (where the behavior goes back to its original button press lightup behavior).

Perhaps in the final release, select + button can be used to choose a mode… i.e., solid lights, button press lightup, patterns, etc…


-applauds- great work 32teeth…this is great because i am trying out the toodles led board and the masterstrike…can i add this one to my testing for sticks? where and how can i get one sir?


PM me with your email

currently the start up plays the color pattern you set once then starts to listen for input. but i like the recommendation


awesome, rad, and magnificent! really looking forward to get my hand on both sparky and jr variants. in kno in the other thread we discussed pricing and stuff, which is really a great value, but when are these ready to ship out? hopefully by next week :slight_smile: if its possible could you please post the pitch between the main connectors and the R G B at the top (those look a bit further apart)? screws terminals are nice, but since im making ribbons/headers/connectors for everything else i would like to be consistent :slight_smile: also nice new program! its come a long way from the other programs been demoing great stuff!


Very nice 32teeth, can’t wait to see this implemented further!

btw, what are you using to view that final overlay of the board? It looks really nice like that


So like, I want one of these.
What to do?


PMed sir


i have another batch coming in a week or so.
PM me your email and i will let you know when they are in. will be mailing out a few eval boards


nice updates. anxious to get me hands on her…or him…since its jr. lol


curious on any future thoughts you have 32teeth


Really Cool Mod

Nice mod, man

Wondering how to mod a ps3 joystick like that, don’t really understand the concepts behind it. btw, what language is the code in?



very nice sir. i replied to your email btw bro. i know some C, C++, and C#. very little java but its similar to C# and a few other languages but im rusty since it’s been awhile


drools…wow this is going to be a great top to bottom solution! so as i am understanding it, the boards that you currently have in stock, or getting shortly (jr.) are limited quantity pre-production pcbs? with bigger quantity production pcbs coming down the pipe in the not to distant future?


@ShinMessiah yes an no
there are actually 2 runs of the Sparky Jr, one should be here soon. The second (in picture in first post) will be the next few weeks.
the only differences is that the original Sparky Jr has the additional onboard LEDs (Power, Reset, TX, RX) and 4 resistors.

We are working in tandem to deliver another iteration of the Sparky. Most likely a Sparky Sr board. LOL more details on that as we work it out.


Ugh, perfect timing, right after I ordered my Masterstrike (well, technically Spenzalii ordered it).


The devices don’t conflict. you can use the masterstrike to power the sparky.
i have a few masterstrikes at home.

Purplearms (who works 2 blocks over) and I have ongoing conversations. So there is definitely advice and suggestions coming from the rest of the folks involved with Masterstrike, DualStrike and such.


wow. didnt know purplearms was near u. thats pretty sweet


great more options!! but now im torn :frowning: was gonna order a spark and jr next week, but now with a possible senior in the mix, im not sure. i kno you guys are still discussing stuff, but you would stay that sr. if closer to the sparky or jr.? that way i can get at least one at wait to order another one :slight_smile: