**Official SRK BlazBlue FoF Page** GT: SRK BlazBlueFOF



add the GT: “[COLOR=Cyan]SRK BlazBlueFOF” for BlazBlue casuals [/COLOR]
send request

Haha I pretty much copied off of the sf4 FOF (mad props for the idea) and decided to make a Blazblue FOF page. Ive been on a streak so far of only playing people that are decent or good and I want to keep that streak going.

if you dont know how this works read here. Its a simple process and a very good idea.
link to the sf4 FOF for reference.

I will make an effort to check this GT at least once a day to keep excepting the Friend Requests.

If the list gets filled Ill also try to delete the less active members of the community off to make room for new friends. In the future if you accidentally get deleted, just send another request and you’ll get put right back on.

But for now lets try to get this list filled up with Blazblue players!


already sent you a friend request. add me when you can

UPDATE: i sent a request but u didnt add me so i took it off. i will try again later today


request sent! :smiley:




Added it, looking forward to some games :open_mouth:


FR sent