**Official SRK SFIV FoF Page**



thanks fur adding another one. cant wait for it to start filling up!


apparently I cant gain access to the SRK SFIV FoF2 GT anymore. Whenever I try to log in it asks me to make a NEW gamertag for some reason. So I guess it’s just lost in oblivion somewhere. I have however just made it again called “SRK SFIV FoF II” So just add that one instead.


o ok. i was wonderin why i wasnt added as a friend yet


I sent an FR to FoF II just now on my roommates account Roco Bonnaro.


is this still on? I’m really interested and I think its a GREAT idea! It is hard to find SFIV players who will stay for more than a match


I’ll sent you a friend request, it could be cool to fight versus people around the world. =)


sent a request… is there a new gamertag?


Next chance I get, I’ll hop on this bandwagon. :tup:


I sent a request but I didn’t get a response yet? – SRK SFIV FoF II


I’ll send a FR today.

Also, this info might be of interest to the players in this thread: http://www.oxm.co.uk/article.php?id=17116

On 15th April Microsoft are ‘turning off’ the original XBL, meaning no original Xbox games can be played online anymore. While this sucks if you play Halo 2, the good news is that it will mean cool new features for XBL2. I know for a fact that the reason you can only have 99 friends at the moment is something to do with the original XBL’s infrastructure, so hopefully one of the first things Microsoft will do is grant everyone bigger/unlimited friends lists :slight_smile:


Hi. Got to send a FR too. Ty ^^


Added please accept


well as everyone is saying its full but yh, holla at me darg GT - fnshr


Drop people who never play ssf4 and add new people.


Sent an FR this is a good idea in order to get games!


Also Sent FR umm Gt is DirtyNo0bEx




I’ll add this once I get home. Thanks.


Count me in


Qool idea.