Official SRK SFxT Balance Discussion Thread


Tekken characters have very good independent punishes. I’m just scratching the surface with Law and I can do like 300ish damage no gems. We all saw how much Hugo was doing on the Cross Assault stream. It’s so crazy.


i guess so, but like any TCG or any game that evolves over time, the metagame changes…thats what i was getting at…what was strong a few months ago isnt going to be that effective currently. since games like CVS2 or MVC2 never got updates their metagames didn’t change after awhile, however they did with time in SFIV.

I think SFxTK is taking on the idea of having a ever changing metagame…but I can see certain strategies being fairly consistent so i think there is that too~ like Sagat is always going to be good hahaha~

I think you can meet me half way on this one D3V~


CvS2 did get an update (EO), the community flat out rejected it.

Also, even with updates, all that’s going to happen is people will min-max again and find newer “best builds”.


Deleting those posts.

This is exactly the kind of pointless shit talk I wanted to avoid in this thread.

Also, I do hope folks remember to read the first post.


if you put a power gem of 20% on gief, and he does an spd you get 210, 200 being the base, by the time you do ABC Launcher, damage already scales to 60%, and since you think that gems are gonna be the biggest fucking deal since they disappear after a 20 second maximum time limit, sim can just counter the defense and speed gems that gief has, with his own power and speed gems, than your still at a bad match up, not really changing the pace of a match




I think some people overestimated the strength of the gems.

There’s supposedly at least a hundred gems in the game, or maybe they just have a three digit counter for no reason.

Anyway, some of these damage gems don’t proc off as properly as you like. These gems are basically multiplicatively added from what I’ve seen so far and they scale pretty hard if you do chains a lot and almost make not much of an impact.

The most basic ones on launch are: Connect 5 normals, connect 10 normals, hit 3 specials, get hit by 2 specials, perform a tag cancel, perform a launcher, your partner does a launcher, go into pandora, and whatever else. Most of these are based on in game timers. I’ve gotten some beefy 40-45% combos with damage gems on in training mode, but connecting them in a real match is pretty random at best since I can’t deliberately always manage to nail someone with a punish that cleanly.

I think early on people will fall for a lot of gimmicks like not knowing what overheads or goes low off the bat. That and grapplers with slow command grabs. I think they will fall off after the first two or three weeks. But I think everything will still be really fun.


In latest news, 20% of 200 is 10!


if you put a power gem that raises attack power by 20% on zangief, and do an spd, his damage on spd is raised to 210 for a small amount of time, as opposed to the 200 base spd damage he starts with, with no gems activated


yeah, im not even fucking with you, im looking at the damage output right the fuck now, a gem that raises his overall damage by 20% only gives him 10 more damage on his spd


You must be high or drunk.

Zangief’s SPD 180/200/220 ungemmed. 198/220/242 gemmed with 10% boost.


yeah, okay, so basically all im getting from this is ppl who dont have the game calling me a scrub who dosnt know shit about the game, and that my opinion isnt shit because im not a top japanese player, keep guzzling that daigo juice [media=youtube]4bHjyc6DwTI[/media]


my mistake, it must of been hugo i as thinking of


No. The math doesn’t work out that way. I have the game too.


oh, well then excuse the fuck out of me


May I ask, how the fuck did you think a 20% boost would make 200 into 210?


i could of swore that the gems i set on hugo were all 20%, but you know, my fucking mistake


The gems do not stack if that’s what you were confused about.


no im looking back at my selection and i see i have “partner connects with a launcher” for 10%


Salt levels rising.

my boy just brought a copy over been playing for a bit, characters with good footsies are going to dominate in this game.

Team synergy might be over rated, any team I picked up was capable of crazy ass juggles, so idk if teams will be necessary to tier. But then again a team of dhalsim and raven is going to do work on ryu/ken. Team synergy could obviously evolve but right now it seems like outside of characters with moves like chuns lightning legs that can lock down and set up mixups for others its going to be pretty much meh on that front.

I think grading characters on certain factors might be really benificial, like damage off of tag ins, ability to set up the tagging character with a move that will lock someone down while they’re partner comes in to set up cross ups… etc etc, stuff like that.

The slower walk speed, better jump ins, and higher damage overall are going to make this very weird for people coming from SF4, and weird for everyone else I think. Its definitely off putting to me right now, its gonna be awhile before anything legit comes along in the way of tiers especially with the breadth of things that need to be tested.