Official SRK SFxT Balance Discussion Thread


The gems do not stack if that’s what you were confused about.


no im looking back at my selection and i see i have “partner connects with a launcher” for 10%


Salt levels rising.

my boy just brought a copy over been playing for a bit, characters with good footsies are going to dominate in this game.

Team synergy might be over rated, any team I picked up was capable of crazy ass juggles, so idk if teams will be necessary to tier. But then again a team of dhalsim and raven is going to do work on ryu/ken. Team synergy could obviously evolve but right now it seems like outside of characters with moves like chuns lightning legs that can lock down and set up mixups for others its going to be pretty much meh on that front.

I think grading characters on certain factors might be really benificial, like damage off of tag ins, ability to set up the tagging character with a move that will lock someone down while they’re partner comes in to set up cross ups… etc etc, stuff like that.

The slower walk speed, better jump ins, and higher damage overall are going to make this very weird for people coming from SF4, and weird for everyone else I think. Its definitely off putting to me right now, its gonna be awhile before anything legit comes along in the way of tiers especially with the breadth of things that need to be tested.


110% of 200 still isn’t 210


No, we’re saying that day -1 is too early for any form of meaningful balance discussion because we don’t have any meaningful data to pour over.


Yeah, the team synergy is more or less as important as Tekken Tag Tournament. Just pick two characters you like and work something out. There’s almost always something doable with wall and ground bounce moves coming into play. It’s pretty creative.


Oh god is that even possible?


Im not sure if it actually is, but it feels slower then SSF4AE. Then again Ive been playing a lot of BB this month so maybe thats it.

I’ll pop in SSF4AE and see if its actually noticeable, just what I felt at 1st glance.


you know what the solution is to playing against a character with some good footsie options?

don’t play footsies with them.

really that seems like nearly every character. so it’s more like players with strong footsies will be strong. but even so, same thing, you just ignore it. the mixup game looks just as powerful and just general lockdown pressure kind of play with so many + moves. I understand completely what people mean about footsies but if you’re even a decent player you know how to get around them.


How much of a variation is there in character health values? Anyone know who is the lowest?

I am assuming that the health related gems somewhat prevented them from trying to justify imbalance with low health.


The health is pretty Street Fighter-esque. Most females around 900 range, males 1000 range, tanks at 1100-1200 ungemmed. I think Ogre and Akuma may be lowest in the bunch.


Anybody wanna take bets on how long it will take for everyone to figure out that the slow grapplers are mid-tier at best?


I see Gief and Hugo being mid to low tier.


Anyone got any overall word on characters damage output. I’ve noticed a few of the combo threads in the character section are already listing damage values.


Lili’s supposed to have really low health as well, and looking at this video Cole’s health looks really low.
I do know that Hugo tops the Health range at 1150 health gemless though.


Umm I hope this is relevant but does anyone find that the damage values for Supers in this game seems…well odd?
Hugo’s Super does 380 damage and can be comboed into
Zangief’s Super does 340 damage and CANNOT be comboed into

Yes I know what I’m about to say goes against what that Mike Z quote, but the damage of supers should’ve been made so it’s within the 300-350 range
d3v, if you find this topic unnecessary to discuss at the current period, then I’ll delete my post.


Zangief’s super starts up in about one frame after super freeze though and can’t be blocked, where as Hugo’s I believe has more startup and Akuma’s is even faster than Gief’s meaning it will grab you at point blank range if didn’t jump during the super freeze and it also travels, thus it does less damage than both of them.
Also it is possible to combo into Zangief’s super from a cross art or if you tag him in after landing a move that causes crumple.


Yes I do find it unnecessary since all talk about how damage affects balance and the metagame is just “theory fighter” at this point.


all speculation is theory fighter unless you are ONLY using tournies for your tier lists.

even using tournies as a viable discourse is flawed as they only assume a level of tech that was applicable at the time of the tourny. things WILL change. so NOT making tier lists for whatever reasons no matter how early the game is… is kinda irrelevant. tier lists arent there to be accurate cause they wont be “accurate” until 3-5 years into a games lifespan. however TALKING THEORY in tier lists is a way for people to learn the game from other peoples perspectives and other characters perspectives without actually playing the game… which is convenient when… er, not playing the game.

having said that, tier lists are also useful in a retrospective form for seeing how people were thinking about the game at whatever point in time.

imho we should start speculating NOW. theres no reason not to. and at least it will give those tier whores something to base there games on in early tournaments.

i dont even have the game yet so i cant speculate at all… but having played it for a few hours… rolento seems VERY strong. this may change as time goes on of course… but is there any reason for me (or anyone else) to NOT state that?



Cole: broken.