Official SRK SFxT Balance Discussion Thread

Akuma is really good in this game. His sweep is better than in SF4, his links are not only easier but new links are possible which were not in SF4, he has great damage from combos and his DP high launches so if you tag cancel it, the incoming partner can land their best tag in combo. He works really well with Nina and they have mixups for days and both of them being footsie monsters. One thing to note is that here he is more rushdown oriented, with a much weaker ‘lame game’ than in SF4, due to the fact that his air fireball is somewhat weak as a zoning tool (especially vs tekken cast) and his teleport is worse too.

There is an Akuma x Nina player here on SRK (I dont see him post very often lately though) but if you need optimal combos for them or mixups I can give you those too.

Thanks a lot. I’ll definitely take the mix ups and optimal combos. I think my problem is I’m trying to play Akuma too much like Diet SF4, and when I try to be more aggressive with my footsies I seem to constantly get outpoked by characters like chun li, abel, and especially Law. It seems like every button Law has is equipped with insane priority and frame data lol.

Yes, this range is where he does well against most characters. You just have to watch out for neutral jumps. I need to research the properties of the HP > LP string, because I have had people neutral jump over the St. HP and then land on top the LP and get hit by it. Anyway, against Jin this is a pretty good range, but you have to watch out for neutral jump HK and St. MK.

Sounds like a sick team to me. :wink:

Interesting. I had no idea EX Snake Pit went through projectiles. And I main Bryan. :confused:

St. HK is good in some matchups. It beats Ryu’s low MK at its max range because it has a high hurtbox. Buffer into Launcher at mid-range for a nice footsie tool with damage. It’s also mostly airborne, so it is less prone to getting buffer-punished since you’ll get air reset when hit out of it. I use it a lot in matchups vs Lars and Ryu. Honestly, the move is very specific in its uses and can get blown up by moves that knock down on airborne, like most command normals.

Law is problematic for Akuma because he is one of the few who can punish Akuma’s sweep on block even if it is more or less perfectly spaced out, the others being Bryan and maybe Chun and Bison. As far as buttons go, yes, Chun’s shits on 99% of the cast in footsies, and as for Abel, Im not entirely sure which button of his is good enough to beat anything Akuma has… :smiley:

Anyways, combo time

Akuma on point

Max damage punish:

far, (its a pathetically easy 3 frame link in this game, not like it was hard in sf4 to begin with IMO) xx launcher, cr.hp xx skull splitter, cr.hp xx skull splitter, ivory cutter (396/426 damage, knockdown setup with Nina or free raw tag back to Akuma is guaranteed) (note - kind of hard to do on pad because of the awkward input for ivory cutter and the fact that you have to do it fast after the second skull splitter, it might be worth it to lose 30 damage and go for an easier post tag combo such as, cr.hp xx geyser cannon, small step forward, ivory cutter IMO)

Hitconfirm:, cr.lp, ~ st.hp xx launch followed by post tag nina combo (294 with easier post tag combo)
cr.lp, st.hp xx launch followed by post tag (340 with easier one)

Solo combos:, cr.lp, xx lk tatsu, cr.lp,,, cl.hp xx hp shoryuken (275 damage, not really worth it), (new 1 frame link compared to sf4) cr.hp, lk tatsu,, sweep (286 damage, worth it for the knockdown you get)
cr.lp, cl.hp xx lk tatsu, cr.lp,,, cl.hp xx hp shoryuken (325 damage, again, not really worth it over the launcher combo)
crossup air tatsu,, st.lp,, (281 damage, can tag cancel last for a basic post tag)
crossup air tatsu,, st.lp,, st.hp xx hp srk (296 damage, best solo combo from crossup tatsu)
crossup tatsu,, (212 damage, knockdown)

Tag combos (1 meter-3 meters)

Max damage from a reversal (3 meters)

hp srk xx tag cancel first hit (if you tag cancel 2nd hit it wont work) 3x hk geyser cannon, small step forward, ivory cutter xx tag cancel, xx hp srk xx tag cancel 2nd hit, j.hp, cr.hp xx geyser, small step forward ivory cutter (603 damage, if you tag cancelled second hit on the reversal shoryuken then its 593 damage since you can only do 2x hk geyser and not 3x)

For 1 bar of meter

hp srk xx tag cancel (again, must be first hit) hk geyser cannon, hp skull splitter, cr.hp xx hp skull splitter, cr.hp xx blonde bomb (478 damage, allows for a nasty 50/50 setup which even Cammy would be jealous of)

Nina combos


st.lp, (not a link) xx mk geyser, hp skull splitter, cr.hp xx hp skull splitter, cr.hp xx hp blonde bomb (360 damage, allows for 50/50 knockdown setup),, (again, not links), lp skull splitter (not cancelled, must wait a bit), cr.hp xx hp skull splitter, cr.hp xx hp blonde bomb (346 damage)

After the launch you can substitute the splitter loops to cr.hp xx blonde bomb with splitter, cr.hp xx geyser, small step forward, ivory cutter, for a different knockdown setup and less damage

Buffer hk geyser in footsies and use or with nina, if you hit then follow up with the usual post launch combos for her

Her basic mixups are basically storing a counterhit by charging up to ex and then dash cancelling and then you have a high/low/throw mixup, because ivory cutter hits high and catches backdashes AND ground bounces on a counterhit allowing for a combo, and buffered will mean a damaging combo again. The 50/50 setup after the blonde bomb combo enders is dash forward, whiff, j.hp (if you do the j.hp early it can cross up, if you do it late it will hit in the front, it almost always looks like it crosses up though, really ambiguous stuff)

70 win streak on ranked with a mid tier team. Also shoutouts to rage quitting Nina,j hk happy kazuya frauds and jab jab fireball juggle shoto players.

This sounds like general discussion material. May I direct you to this thread? SFxT General Discussion #3 - Still Alive

Also are you playing on PC? If so, what characters are you playing? (Please answer in general discussion)

Oops wrong thread…lol my bad. Trying to upload a pic

It is pretty sick. Vega/Bryan is equally good. Really, I just like any team that allows Bryan to take advantage of his j.HP in combos.

Yep, both EX and regular Snake Pit go through projectiles, and if you tag cancel the latter you should be able to get huge damage off both options as a punish vs. Jin who spams LP fireballs.

Strange I see you all putting Bryan as anchor. He’s probably my best point because I actually understand playing his mid-distance whiff punish footsie style. If he is viable in anchor that opens up a lot of new teams for me (Lars/Bryan, Guy/Bryan for instance).
When you mention a partner that can let Bryan j.HP, does it just have to be a partner that floats them high enough to hit that on tag cancel?

Bryan’s a pretty good anchor since he can run away with a life lead, but nowadays I usually play him on point (Bryan X Dudley is one of my main teams).

Maybe I just play him different. I mainly just like the damage he can do with a little meter. I should learn to play his footsie game better.

Pretty much, yes. I basically like to do j.HP, cr.HP xx MK Flying Knee for a nice healthy chunk of damage.

Or, you can do
[J. HP, land a wait a tic, HP Fisherman’s Slam and Atomic Throw, Cr. LP/Cr. MK xx MK Flying Knee]

Fisherman’s Slam hits opponents who have been ground-bounced.

Maybe I’ll make a team combo vid soon. :slight_smile:

Interesting idea. One idea I have on that note is instead of HP Slam > Atomic Throw, can you do just LP Slam, then cr.LP/MK xx MK Knee - I have to wonder if it’ll do more damage that way.

Or you can do:

HP/MP fisherman, fMK>mp>LP>mp, Mach

Or in the corner:

HP/MP fisherman, sMP, sMP, sMP, cHP, Mach

The first combo is really spacing-dependent (and partner dependent) and I never really go for it. It’s easy to make Bryan go under his opponent. Now, the second one you mentioned is the max damage you can do from a tag combo without additional meter AFAIK. It’s always satisfying to land it in a match.

Yes, you could mash reversal through it; I don’t think it’s a true blockstring. The Julia always has the option of CADC-backdashing after the cross rush though, which should leave you safe to most reversals.

They took out Julia’s BS when they removed cr.LK > cr.MK as a viable footsies tool. I mained Julia back then, and I’m happy to admit that was braindead. Now Julia is just a solid frame trap and pressure character with okay mixups, good damage, a great cross-up and oki game, and decent defensive options.

I just wish they’d buff her walkspeed. Just a little. That would make me so happy.

While we are on the subject of Bryan, what do we think of his sweep around max range? I get newbies with so often but I figure anyone who knows Bryan has a hard time falling for it because his low options appear rather weak and aren’t used from there. I suppose Bryan’s footsies are based more on counterpoking or outranging them then getting an incorrect block.
Technically a low option at that range is a yolo Flying Knee, but that seems pretty silly and reactable.

You just gotta know wether to use HP of MP.

It’s not that hard.

Thanks, and thanks for the pointers :slight_smile:

I’ve been practicing cr.HP xx CADC xx PC a bit lately, still gotta’ get comfy with it. On the flip side I’m finally practicing Juri’s CH Sekku, cr.MP >> stuff as well. Now that I’ve FINALLY settled on my main team (and still holding on to my Cammy alt), I’ll be working on execution and consistency, as well as improving my knowledge of their tools against the whole cast.

Will keep LK RK in mind - I’ve generally shied away from it as a reversal because…ugh. Such an odd angle and its so bad when it misses.

I don’t know when but I developed a really, really bad habit of doing, cr.HP boost without confirming with Julia, and it’s starting to bite me a lot. Weird thing is, I’m aware of CADC PC but even when I fluff that boost I just… blank out on it. So I think I’ll need to work on remembering that tool as well.

Sometimes I feel like this team is way out of my execution range lol (it really isn’t but still!).

Also, either a walkspeed buff or returning her to 1K would be greatly appreciated.

Eh, depends on the launcher like I said. With my characters, the only one who can set up a MP Fisherman is Dudley with HP Jet Upper, but I swear it only works in the corner. What do you use to set it up?

Well, I’ve never really applied this, but if your opponent is high-blocking everything, you can go for the LP MP LK string, but it’s unsafe. Cr. MK is a counter-poke, strictly. Sweep is actually an all-right poke. I need to use it more.

Inside that range you also have St. LK which hits low, but its range is terrible.

I’d say Bryan is more about counter-poking and whiff punishing.