Official SRK SFxT Balance Discussion Thread

to everyone crying about hugo’s damage just stop it. He is the most immobile character in the game and worst at closing the gap. So sure once he gets in he does massive damage but it’s balanced by the fact that he takes lots of damage to get in, This of course assumes 2 players close to equal skill. If the other guy is constantly getting in for free or nearly free and raping you well then is hugo really the problem

Uhh, who was crying about Hugo?

people still complain over hugo? he’s pretty free to good portion of the cast. if you can play footsies, aa, and throw fireballs, then you shouldn’t fear hugo at all.

We don’t all play SF characters - it only seems that way. For a “good portion” of the cast, fireballs aren’t an option and AA can be a delicate matter. Against Hugo, mistakes are very costly.

I agree with you that Hugo isn’t worth crying over, but imagine playing characters that don’t have the tools you’ve listed (and there are plenty)… any errant button press results in a hospital trip. What makes him a headache isn’t his toolset, it’s the knowledge that no matter how much you dominate the match, two screw ups will cost you the game, as compared to the three or more you get against other characters.

Think of it this way - I can walk a straight line (sober). Put a 2x4 down on the ground and ask me to walk it? No problem. Ask me to walk that same 4" wide path when there’s a 1000’ dropoff on either side of me? GTFOH. The width of the path hasn’t changed, just the stakes for screwing up. Such is the Hugo fight. We all know what we need to do to beat him, but actually pulling it off without messing up is the tricky part.

Again, I don’t think he needs a nerf, but as a non-SF-character player, I can certainly understand where “nerf Hugo’s damage!” people are coming from.

I think Ken will still be pretty good without air tatsu derp, he’ll still have his solid fundamentals, a well rounded moveset in pretty much every area and his extremely good team synergy with pretty much any member of the cast (although the reduction of air tatsu’s effectiveness would harm this).

I don’t think he’s good even with the tatsu. He’s just lacking. Slow walk speed, terrible fireball, ass normals, no real high damage combos on his own, etc. If I wanted a well rounded character, I could do much better than Ken.

Well the guy who was calling for a hugo damage nerf for one.

Definitely agree with what’s in italics. I’m the type to pick characters that are interesting and that I feel have enough creative options that allow me to express myself artistically. SFxT Sagat manages to have all of his classic street fighter strengths but still offers interesting strategies that can involve an execution level I can enjoy.

To go back on the Ryu vs Sagat, currently I think it’s even or 6-4 favoring Sagat.

  • Sagat can counter Ryu low forward with his stand forward. This can be counter poked into a launch. Sure, Ryu can punish a whiffed standing forward the damage compared of his sweep to a barely mitigated launch combo makes it a low risk largely in Sagat’s favor. Example:


  • With proper spacing, ryu using Hurricane Kick jump ins to zone in are obsolete because of tiger uppercut. Free AA + Knockdown or tag cancel which allows more damage + life recovery. Personally and theoretically I feel like I should never get hit by it unless he guesses a fireball.

Ryu’s biggest advantage is he’s more mobile than Sagat. Shrug.

Also… Asuka isn’t bad at all. Lud is great with her, probably the best.



What do you think Kazuya vs. Ryu or Gief is?

I am def starting to think Gat stomps all shotos in this game. The hitboxes on his pokes are dumb and he takes full advantage of the buffer system. He he always been a counter poking machine but thnx to the game mechanics he gets some real reward for it this time. Not only can he buffer stand forward to beat alot of shoto normals ( it crushes Ken’s step kick too as does Gats st. jab and low strong) he has to whiff punish it. low forwards have a bit more recovery in this game making them much easier to whiff punish.

I need to hit the lab vs Juri because if Gat has some legit tech vs her enough to make that match even I would have no problem calling Sagat a better pick then Ryu.

Sagat beats Kazuya, but Kazuya is pretty even with grapplers like Gief and Hugo.
Sagat has all the tools to counter Kazuya.


Also this. Kazuya is such a beast, more Tekken characters should be like him.
Everyone else is boring, my opinion.

you cant fight the Doriya

For all my Sagat brethren. My Sagat primer for SFxT.The Power of the King - A Sagat Primer

I’m amused. A month ago, everyone was telling me people could never do EWGF. Now people are complaining that the only thing keeping them from doing it is the netcode…

I don’t know who was saying that FlyingVe. A lot of people have been putting a ridiculous amount of time into EWGFs (inclulding SlayerSlice). Take a look at the Kaz forums.

EWGF goes through command throws like butter. Zangief vs Kaz isn’t scary at all close (granted you bust out those EWGFs). Had a similar experience with Marduk reversal through… delicious.

It’s pretty well known that pretty much everything knocks down, and from the knockdown the player has the ability to roll. I would love to see a patch where you cannot roll from an untechable knockdown.

That was always my point, people will get it eventually.

The Akuma player in me says “yes please”.
The Juri player in me says “fuck no”.

Well, Juri has frame 1 counters in this game. So she’d be alot less free on wakeup.

yep, and the fact that armor breaking is gone IMPROVES counter greatly. she will no longer lose to shit like DF palm from akuma since she can just gtfo with couter now. and mix that with ex pin, backdash, and i would say her wake up is perfectly fine in sf x tk.