Official SRK SFxT Balance Discussion Thread

I just want st. jab pressure to be gone and then ill be good. flame me if you want lol.

press back twice rapidly.

Omg why do I hhave to block for a few seconds and any second he might throw me with a 7 frame shit range throw that let’s me roll afterwards!! Lol

Anyone know when this big overhaul Capcom said they were going to do to the game is gonna come out?

Some time mid june I think they said.

It really is a big issue with the game. I really think capcom is trying to figure out something to fix this.

Just need to make standing jabs not hit crouching characters.

And what about all the (Tekken)characters that rely on chains that start from a st.lp?

Rely? No Tekken character should be “relying” on chains.

I don’t get it. =[. Are you saying that if capcom nerfs st. jab pressure then the only thing my opponent has left is grabs? The fact that I can’t put out a normal in between the gaps that he’s putting in between his normal to keep me block stunned is the current gripe I have. Then again if they fuck up the nerf that means it’ll be a juicy frame trap. Applications! Strategy! Better than abusing mindless jab pressure.

Oh and in my experience a roll begs for an ambiguous crossup, an easy way to get more damage. =]

I dunno, it can spark some thought and conversation. Like when I saw Suparnovas list I thought Hwo and Juri was too low and Ken was too high.
Hell, since im so bored im even going to make one lol. If someone disagrees with me I might even learn something or see something in a new light.

They don’t have 3f to 5f stand jabs that are +3 or +5 on block so there’s no real penalty there even if standing jabs don’t hit crouchers.

I think mid-June is the Rolento knife bug fix… who knows when the big rebalance will be.

Idk if this is popular opinion but I wholeheartedly disagree with this.
Crouching normals are extremely dangerous to throw out in this game… Ppl jus dont realize that because ppl are too free.
But low crush(raw launcher) is powerful as hell and if standing jabs did not hit crouching characters, I feel like raw launcher would be too OP in all honesty.
I feel like people are not taking that to consideration when they ask for standing jabs to whiff crouching opponents.
So no, capcom should keep it the way it is…hitbox wise.

This is mine.

Btw, switch Akuma with Abel, and put Abel next to Balrog and Vega. It’s not changing even though I changed it.

Jabs are fine, the +4 or whatever some characters get isn’t.

You have Rufus above Raven .That was one of the things I spent a minute thinking about. Which one of them has more favorable match post Rufus nerf. For now I think it is Raven even though Rufus has soooo many good matchups.

And Chun over Kazuya and Juri huh? I guess thats debatable

Chun is REALLY REALLY good, her fireball is ridicilously good, she has really good buttons, Rufus is still really good even with the nerf, he just does massive damage… Juri’s divekick got nerfed but is still good. Kazuya has a hard time getting people off him, he has good damage and pokes, but he has some glaring holes aswell. If anything I would compare Kazuya the most to Cody except with a better walkspeed and backdash.

Our tier list are quite similar, the Bob, Asuka part.

I never thought of the Cody comparison but it’s surprisingly accurate. If only he had that b. mp anti air. Kazuya is a strong character but he’s not top tier. He’s not a character that makes you scared to block and his string mixups lead to tech-able knockdowns for the most part.

I would say Kazuya is top 10, definately not top 5.

Nah, I’d say the existence of EWGF definitely puts him at top 5.