Official SRK Ultra SF4 Rebalance Request Thread

there’S also team_tengu2

he can be thrown one frame before he is airborne, you cant throw him after that

But he did it while he was in his active frames…like i said lol. Not at the startup.

Maybe team_tengu has some archives or some sort. I have to admit that i didnt see it myself. Its someone in the chat that said it and everyone was going “lol” and “wtf”

On a side note, luffy is at stunfest and re-affirms that rose stuns VERY fast

Was playing USF4 for a little. Here are my observations thus far.

Decapre has some cross up teleport mix ups but you can hit her out of it if you are looking for it. Will have to see if she has ways to hide it better.

Characters who had trouble getting vortexed before still suck on wake up.

And last…


Akuma.can OS U1 to beat the psyco crusher

Anything Akuma related to share? Or have we covered everything? I was curious to hear if was fixed against Shotos.

I actually didn’t try s.MK.

I did find that it took me all of 3 minutes to figure out pressure set ups that work regardless if you DWU or not

Akuma still feels pretty strong.

That’s something I’ve predicted from the start. Akuma is just too versatile, only people worried about his transition into Ultra are usually the ones who only know vortex tactics.

I would like to say the same with Ibuki. REALLY with Akuma though. lol

Ibuki will be fine also, her vortex was a decent part of her game but she still has a very legit ground game and mix up opportunities. These vortex situations won’t die off, they will just get tweaked. Instead of running 2-3 set ups in a loop it might come down to only landing one. The pace of the game will slow down but most of us predicted that before anyone hit a button.

Akuma’s problem for me wasn’t so much that he’d be shit (too many tools), it was if Evil Ryu was going to be better. That might still be the case but I don’t know what they’ve done to E.Ryu in version 54.5 and half. crosses up. Really. Ooh boy. I can feel the hitstun already! And the blockstrings. And surely the ability to do it ambiguously!

Fucking. Ugh.

Many people asked for this on CU. It was stupid. I told them so. I hope they’re fucking thrilled to literal bits. si so fuggly too does have the classic cross up “looks”

but does not

Hp is what I personally asked for. Has the best hitbox and most ability to be used ambiguously, plus hit and blockstun. And damage. And he already had it in xT.

J mk would have been whatever, but, still nuch better than lk. There is nearly no application here.

sagat and cammy have xup jump lk and they make it work… why can’t vega make it work? There must be some application (I’d like to know as well I play Vega a bit).

the hitbox is just too derp imo

chun does have cross up lk (mk works on big guys and fat crouching bitches) the thing i hate the most is than even with a deep hit you can be mash out because lol sf4

You got it backwards IMO. Though JMK would be better hitstun wise and ambiguity wise it doesn’t LOOK more like a crossup.

jMK only really resembles Ken and Adon’s crossup MK. and Seth’s non-crossup FJ MK. (It actually looks A LOT like Ryu’s NJ MK)

jLK looks a lot like most crossups. It strongly resembles: Akuma, Ryu, Cody, Yang, Makoto, Dan, Evil Ryu, Sakura, and more all have FJ MKs that look similar to Vega’s fjLK

Now what would work really well as a crossup is if they used the animation for Vega’s NEUTRAL jump MK and made THAT into a crossup FJ MK.

If they made the hitbox on FJ lk go past his thigh a bit then I bet you could make it work. It’ll just have to be deep and used right as they are waking up. This is good for Vega IMO.

damn i was thinking about the nj. lk then that shit is ugly

Yeah, however looking at it my creative side thought: Hey what if they did this and made it into a new FJ MK?

They remove the existing hitbox and add one in the yellow square I put in. Give Vega a crossup MK that resembles Juri’s FJ HP. Of course they’d have to greatly increase the hurtbox :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything crosses up in xT though. I can cross up with every single one of Cody’s FJ Normals lol except his FJ LP/MP with knife.

If they made FJ HP crossup (which I’m totally for as per my SSF4X mod where he has that.) they’d need to increase the hurtbox or you have a Sakura FJ HP situation all over again. As it is, I’m amazed they didn’t nerf the current versions hurtbox on FJ HP for Vega just because of Sakura and Combofiends claim that it was an error and that there are no jump in attacks with hitboxes that have no hurtbox below it. coughbullshitcough