Official SSF2T: HD Remix General Discussion Thread

I wish more people would have this much passion of playing HDR then talking…

We got HDR league going, some of you mofos should have entered…Imagine all the great players that responded here joined the league…Shit would be mad fun…


Anyway, as for SuperNYC1 i’ve never had a problem with him…I find his insults towards me hilarious in chatrooms but its all good & fun if you dont take it personally…All i know is this guy has a passion of playing HDR which i admire. Like him or not, he’s playing the damn game…

Lol what evs Tarman… XD Imma just face this L before school and shut the fuck up. <3

Guys, my burrito was amazing.


-trolls suck-


Let the men do the talking here, kid.

Guile’s real name is General Ulie. M Bison stands for “Mr. Bison”. That’s what he likes to have the young children call him. He is the leader of the Shadowloo, which is actually an international kiddie pr0n peddling organization. General Ulie and Mr. Bison are sworn enemies because Bison kidnapped General Ulies son. Ulie manages to rescue his kid, but he would never be the same. Ulies kid picks up the Generals fighting style, but he would be much more hippish do to the scars left from his Shadowloo days. He appears in SF3 as Remy. Q from SF3 was one of the Shadowloo’s secret agents, hence the creepy over coat. Vega was also one of the many victims of the Shadowloo, this explains his androgynous appearance and behavior. Bison kept him around after he grew up because he was one of the organizations top earners. This is why Vega’s fighting style is “pretty fucking gay”. Also, anyone ever wonder why Cammy is so small? She’s 9 years old. That’s also why she is so low tiered in the game. One of the only few success stories from this cluster is when Cammy beats the game and breaks away from Bison through the help of the British special forces. Blanka is another victim. Before the Shadowloo got to him, he was just a normal boy named Jimmy. Just imagine the things they did to him in order for him to grow up covered in hair, turn green, and spin around in circles all day.

Paper, your awesome.

-trolls suck-

Hello Guys, it has been a long time since writing and reading anything on srk-HDR thread, since I don`t play HDR anymore. But let me tell you one thing, without hurting anybodys feelings:

Hating Super1NYC because he is who he is doesn`t proof that he uses turbo !
Neither do the so called Super uses Turbo videos to me !

People wrote the same about Bogeuk once, which was nonsense too.

I wrote it once and I will write it twice: Just play some fun rounds ssf4, save the replays than just record them with visible command inputs and put them on youtube. Or even better let someone film your hands at the same time you play + the command inputs. I think this would also show it clear, so their would only be the haters left but not the accusers !

I think Super can live with that and for you other guys he might just be an “idiot”, but an “idiot” who can win some serious matches and maybe an “idiot” who can really kick some ass sometimes.
So anybody will be happy. On one side the happy “idiot” who isnt a cheater and on the other side even more happy "idiots", who are glad that theres someone they can still hate because of his human behaviour.

So everybody will be happy again.
(For those people who didn`t realize: This was an attemp to be ironic in a foreign language)

So what do you think ?

Look at the cast of SF3. Most of them are victims of the Shadowloo as well. That’s why a big percentage of them look so weird. Like whats up with underwear man? Amirite guys?

PS. That is also why most of them were never able to move on to SF4. Too much emotional baggage.

Papercut already mentioned the mexican in a thong. But …
This guy Q … Why does he have to be stomping his opponents in the head after knocking them out? I mean… That’s not very nice of him , is it? Unwritten rule : "Don’t kick on someone who’s already lying down."
You agree yes ? f*** Q man.

If all of my supporters posted in here, the site would probably go down. There’s no need to defend me, loyal friends and skilled players.
I can outplay and outwit an army of juvenile, non-skilled trolls if need be! (see one below) :rofl:

Luckily though, I only have to deal with a few.
Thanks to all my supporters on youtube and Xbox live! :tup:

Super is right guys. All of us have just been envious and even I will admit that I have been. Everyday I wake up I start to think about SF2 and just this morning I realized that I have a problem. This whole time I bashed super was because he is better than me in the game that has become my life. I am just writing this to say sorry.



nine. THAT BITCH IS NINE!!! think about that.

my stomach hurts

:rofl::rofl: Wowzers.

Wow, that really is something.

I have no words to describe that gif.