Official SSF2T: HD Remix General Discussion Thread


Cool, I play classic (can’t get GGPO to work on my PC anymore either, LOL) and Remix, though I slightly prefer Remix. I’ll send you a friend request.


Got to play Afrocole last night when he came down from portland to visit Eugene’s SRK League. Played him in HDR (classic mode… but still!). Awesome stuff :smiley:


who is the easiest character to play in this game ?


It depends at which level of play you’re talking about. Honda is fairly easy to learn, and can destroy new players, but has a tougher time against anyone with a fireball. I would say Claw would be the easiest overall to use, but it still takes quite a lot of work to play him against high-level players.


The easiest is Ken, in my opinion. You can get some good wins off players without even knowing about his tatsu mix-ups and so forth. Vega is easier too but you have to be able to play defense with him to succeed. He’s very vulnerable to mix-ups and cross-ups. I’d say go with Ken.


This is a no brainer. T Hawk. Pick him up, you won’t look back. He has some of the easiest moves in the game.


Depends on what you find easy to do.

The first moves I did in Sf were mash moves like LL and Hundred Hands.
After that, doukens/shoryu.

ST in general isn’t easy.
I find HDR ken to be easier than N ken considering how hard he was buffed. With the super and the shoryu buffs it’s hard to even try to zone the guy.


I believe the easiest characters in the game to play, as a total beginner, would be Honda and Blanka. They both have some fairly powerful options to net you some early wins, especially in regard to mixups.


Are there still players active from Japan on HDR? From what I know, a fair number of JP players play exclusively on HDR (Classic) and not on GGPO. I’ve put off buying an Xbox+HDR for like three years since GGPO was good enough, but lately I’ve been thinking of joining the club – very late, I know. Netcode and rollbacks are worse than GGPO, but would pings between 130-180ms be playable? Most JP players I know (from GGPO) have a ping in that range to me, although a few are a lot higher as well. Just wondering if it’s worth getting an XBOX+Live solely for HDR at this late stage or not.


I don’t know if this is an issue with HDR/XBL but in the past, I would have decent pings with Japanese playes (but never as good as GGPO). When I tried logging on to HDR a couple of months ago, I noticed my pings with Japanese players jumped to the high 200s. On GGPO, I still have pings around 140 to Japanese players. I spoke with XSPR about this and he agreed that sometime last year, something seemed to have changed that started making connections worse with long distance connections.


That’s pretty interesting. I ping 200+ to maybe a quarter of Japanese players, and the other 3/4 are around 150ms or lower. Are you able to see people’s ping on HDR, or is it just displayed using bars? I wouldn’t think the ping increase has anything to do with HDR itself – it’s probably the routing path changing every few months.


I have a feeling that xbox pulled some bandwidth from HDR and moved it to more popular games.


Some recent fights, rage mail and praise mail:


Does anyone still play on PSN? I don’t see anyone playing anymore :/ <br><br>PSN ID: adamiswambo


The No Honor Crew occasionally holds tournaments on PSN and they play casuals there. 


Someone add me on XBL:  Leakey88.  I need more experience as I am ass.


<br><blockquote class=“Quote”>
<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/22298/leakey">leakey</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>Someone add me on XBL:  Leakey88.  I need more experience as I am ass.</div>

I usually play evenings EST. look for me “Mr FortyFiveACP”<br>


I am back to playing hdr!

CWheezy22 on xbox live!


Good games to Kross and Stargirl on psn.

psn: HelKice


Hi, I am playing this game since 2009 , first on xbox and 2 years on PS3, my psn is: kaworu_kun , I am gief and hawk player.

I am looking for people to tournaments.

p.s sorry for my english.