Official SSF4 AE iOS (iPhone & iPod Touch) Thread

I searched but couldn’t find anything, so how about making one?

Use this thread to discuss strategies, opinion, news etc about this awesome port! Multiplayer is a great addition along with the new characters.

First order of business: Jerks who lose and disconnect so they don’t lose any points. I just fought some Ken with 44 wins and zero losses who I beat then disconnected right as he died.

Well looks like we have some news. I’m downloading the Volt update right now (Makoto and Sakura), and they’ve added this - if you disconnect, it counts as a loss, and you lose BP. PLUS it sounds like there’s going to be a ragequitters bracket, if you’ve disconnected a high percentage of your last 20 games.

Yes, the update is great! No more DCing jerks.

Honda challenge #8 = impossible. I have all of them completed except that one.

I for some reason cannot FADC out of Akuma’s Gohadouken. Is it broken at the moment or do I have to really push it fast? I can do it fine with Ryu but with Akuma it’s just not going through at all. I noticed EX’s I can still FADC out of though.

Akuma is too broken in this game. Mostly because his red fireball is like an EX-Fireball.

This. My thumbs are not fast enough >:(

Found a video that might be helpful. Just passed the last challenge myself! Watching the way he positions the stick during the EX Hands really helped (make sure you don’t hold it down too long or you get the charge for the Sumo Smash). Other than that you have to be very tight on how many P’s and SP’s you mash. One too many can throw out the Hands when you don’t want them.


I think that hands video will help me finish it now. I can get close like the EX>LP>EX>LP but nothign after. Now I think I can do it.