Official Street Fighter character locations?

I figured you’d be one of the best people to ask this. Hopefully this will be seen Tiamat or somebody with access to Japanese Capcom canon material…

The questions:

Is there an official geographic location given for Guile? From the (detailed but not to scale) SF2 char select maps it looks like it could be anywhere from Virginia to Georgia… Are these maps supposed to be the origins, or else just where they choose to fight? And is Guile’s rank really a Colonel? I’ve also seen Captain, Commander, Lieutenant and Major…

And while we’re about it, does Ken have a location? Ignoring Seattle from the noncanon Animated Movie, and San Francisco from SFa2, could it be NY or Boston?

And presumably it’s safe to assume Balrog fights out of Nevada? I don’t belive he’s Mike from SF1, but if he was, then that would put him in Dakota…

I’ve also heard the following, based on Japanese SF2/SFA background descriptions. Could they be the supposed origins of the characters?
Ryu: Genbugahara? or Suzaku Castle?
Honda: Higashikomagata (in Tokyo?)
Chun Li: Beijing or Zhidan?
Dhalsim: Jaunpur, (on the banks of the Ganges)
Vega: Valencia, Spain?
Sagat: Ayutthaya?
Charlie: KY, IL, IN?

Also, could Metro City actually be NY? The ingame progress map labels Uptown and the Atlantic Ocean, has a park in the middle and a Slum to the south (Brooklyn?), and it looks like the twin towers are drawn. And there’s even the Statue of Liberty featured in level 5

I guess this is all a bit pedantic, but I’m curious and interesed as to the specifics… Maybe it would help if somebody captured 2 screengrabs of the Alpha 3 World Tour map (after all countries have been completed)?


i have a degree in geography, i’ll give it my best

i’ll go by the lower map

I’ll start with usa

Guile - Airforce base in texas, more than likely san antonio because that is where it really is

(USA) Balrog - most def las vegas nevada, the cactus is in the way

Ken - appears to be up state new york on the lower map also his background suggests it

(USA) Vega - appears to be near barcelona

(USA)Bison and sagat - they are near the boarder of thailand and myanmar, that could be many cities

Dalhsim - more than likely near dehli not new dehli, possibly near ganges too

Ryu and Honda - well they are both located on honshu so you have to assume one of them is in tokyo, the island is big and the city never stops really, no spare land can really be found anymore

cammy - by the looks of it its not london, i would guess West Midlands, Leicestershire, or Northamptonshire, not sure just some where in the heart of england

T hawk - assuming mexico city, could be a number of places near there

fei long - duh hong kong

chun li - beijing or close to it would be my guess

zangief - moscow or somewhere near the urals, if he is fighting in a power plant i would say somewhere near the caucus but the map does not indicate that

blanka - the map suggests south brazil near paraguay boarder so i think its along the rio parana

dee jay - assuming kingston but that whole island is tourist a area


Metro City is either in New York or IS New York. Besides the twin towers and statue of liberty, Haggar’s bio in Slammasters says Haggar is from New York.



i know:(

anybody else on this?

Well, I figured we could use a combination of game maps and stage graphics…

But yeah, I’d really love to know if the SFII BGs are meant to be the birthplaces or hometowns, or just random places they traveled to?

Tiamat- I’ve just read your FAQ version 4.0, do you reckon in a future update you might mention that none of Guile’s ranks are official? And how about adding Lee’s bg?

i think it might be there places where they train or live. doubt birth place

Odd. I could have sworn that I once got Guile’s official rank and that it was the same as Charlie’s, but it’s not there in the guide so maybe my mind is just making memories up on me.

Balrog obviously fights in Las Vegas in SF2 and SFA3. I’d say that’s his base.
Ken seems to be on the west coast all the time. I don’t think they had his movie scenes take place in Seattle for no reason. Isn’t his 2I stage in San Francisco as well? Only his 3S stage is definitely in New York and that’s just because he shares with Alex.
Sean is in Sao Paoro (lol).
T.Hawk’s stage really doesn’t look like a big city, more like a small town. Kind of what you see of mexican towns in spaghetti westerns.
Cammy’s stage couldn’t be in the south of England, you wouldn’t see the aurora borealis there. Since it’s England and not GB in general, I’d say somewhere along the Scottish border, as far north as possible.
Ryu’s stage is named, it’s Suzaku Castle. In SF3 at least, but I think it’s always the same.
E.Honda’s stage in most likely in Osaka, just because of the fact that Capcom are based there. There’s a whole bunch of connected levels around that bathhouse: Honda’s SF2 stage, the Japanese stage in MvC (which are both in the same building), Honda’s SFA3 level (which is outside the bathhouse), Guy/Ryu’s SFA1 level (further down the street) and across the street there is the Kyokugen Dojo of CvS1. Could also include the Japanese outdoors bath of SF3:1 but since the others are in a small town neighbourhood, I doubt that they’d have all those cliffs around it.
I’m pretty sure that Sakura’s level, and by extension all the Rival Schools levels, are in Osaka as well.

I also don’t think they put too much thought into the exact map locations for SF2. As you can see, the spots are in different places even though the stages for SF2 and SSF2 are identical.

Isn’t there a big collection of backgrounds somewhere for us to compare?

cool views


Fei Long’s stage is in Hong Kong, obviously!

but to be specific, the EXACT location of Fei Long is a tourist hot spot called, Fu Pak Garden. It is located in Hong Kong Island. I’ve been there as a child, so I am pretty sure!


i’ve always wanted to go to hong kong

Rose could be Genova…

How about Remy? Hugo? Pullum?

You mean images? I’ve been getting text from, but I think there’ll be plenty of online images. (example: SSF2)

It would seem that New York City and Metro City co-exist in the SF Universe. It’s stated that Haggar is fom New York originally, and of course there’s Alex and Ken’s SF3 Third Strike stages. Also a funny note even though these games are not official is that in CVS1 there’s a Stage in Metro City that has a Hip Hop song in the Background (The song was taken out in the US version because it has a line “I’m ready to fucking spill!”) and in CVS2 the New York background has a Hip Hop background too! Hey, us New Yorkers did invent Hip Hop after all!

How can this be? Well, it’s kind of like in DC Comics, where New York City/Manhattan and Gotham City both co-exist.

While this comic is not official at all, in the Avengers/JLA crossover, the DC characters went to the Marvel world and went to the place where Metropolis was in their world. It was a small field in the Marvel world! They revealed that in the DC World America was actually a lot bigger in size, and Marvel had countries that DC didn’t have like Genosha. That’s a pretty good way of explaining it me thinks.

In Ken’s SF2 Revival Stage, it takes place under the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s pretty obvious Ken lives in San Francisco. But being as rich as Ken is, he probably has multiple homes across America.

I suppose I’d agree with sano.

Yeah, I’d say it was the same place, but either way, we know for a fact that it’s officially on the east coast. And in that case, the Alpha 2 map (Guy) is wrong. Anyway, the attachment is a compilation of screengrabs (thanks to fatherbrain).

Notice how Ryu is in south Japan- very close to Osaka. I’ve added Akuma’s island to the bottom one- if it were real, it would be in (or near) The Mariana Islands.

I don’t think Metro City is New York. I mean, Sean and Alex’s SF3 NG stages looked New Yorkish to me, so I imagine there is a New York and a Metro City. Also, when I think of Metro City, I think of it as sorta being ike Chicago, not New York.


Bison is a lot more South to the Golden Triangle (i.e South of Myamar and Loas). He’s probably in Bangkok, Grand Palace (see post “Where in the world???”). Sagat could be by any buddha, the closest Ive seen thus far is Ayatthaya (North of Bangkok).


Honda might be from Tokyo, but Ryu is from Osaka without a doubt. I’ve heard it too many times, or atleast thats where his base is.


Shes not in London, your right there. My guess in Devon and such areas. They are quite mountainous and have nice Castles and what not. Can’t be sure, although I’m from England, I’ve travelled more of the world than my own country :stuck_out_tongue:


Judging by the look of the animals in his base, I’m guessing its in a movie set - after all he is a film star

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Alpha 3 Map

Attached is the map from the arcade mode of SFA3, with my gay coloring. I’ve tried to put the people’s names from Japan and the USA into approximate relation to each other compared with the World Tour map (are there any volunteers to get a screengrab of that with all the red flags?)

My discoveries for this map are as follows:[list][]Metro City (Guy) seems pretty accurate, if a little too far south.
]Las Vegas seems too far east.
[]Blanka- Madeira River branch: maybe it could be Mato Grosso or Tocantins?
]Zangief: It’s in the Urals, north of Ovosibirsk, west of Norilsk and east of Surgut…[/list]

Other random findings:[list][]I’m 95% sure that Geki’s stage from SF1 looks like Mt Fuji (in the Shizuoka Prefecture)
]Birdie in SF1 and SFA3: I’m very sure he’s from Hampstead, London NW3 (that’s where Ian Dury used to hang around, and they have half a dozen tube stations on the lines that use that design of train).[/list]

Liking it…

Geki definately has mnt Fuji behind.

Heres a couple of others from SF1…

Adon’s looks like a real site…
Sagat’s looks like the grand place (same as Vega)

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