Official Street Fighter™ IV FightStick™


I’m buying this stick for $45 Official Street Fighter IV FightStick for Sony PS3
I wanted to know if what madcats meant by Japanese style buttons they meant sanswa buttons?Also i wanted to know how much of a difference the TE is from the SE


TEs usually range in the $100-$120.

As for SEs, they come with knock-off Sanwa parts. They are good for a while, but after long usage, they crap out on you.


buy a TE, it’s a better investment.


I’m trying to sell a PS3 SE with all Sanwa parts (Joystick/8x Buttons) for $70 shipped, if you’re interested. Good stick, I just don’t use it, and rarely ever did.


This is a good deal if you are gonna buy that other one, prob consider this.