Official Street Fighter IV TE/SE Fighstick Screws?


Hi all!

Do you know which size of screw do we need for the Official Super Street Fighter IV fightstick?

Cause I want to use anodized screws like those:

Good idea, isn’t it?:cool:

Or maybe you directly know where to buy some?:wonder:


Here are red ones that are the right size.

M4 x .7 x 12mm Button Head Socket Screws - Red Anodized Qty. 25

Other colors are here.


Thanks a lot! :clapdos:


Awesome, those blue ones would look great on the Chun-li stick. Are there black screws in that size? I looked but maybe I missed them.


… arent the stock screws black already?


These look to be the right size but not anodized aluminum. Stainless Black Oxide I think will scratch off just like the defaults. You also need to get 50.

M4 x .7 x 12mm Button Soc Cap A2 Stainless Black Oxide - Qty. 50


Hey guys,

I just ordered my first stick (SE) and was wondering if all the hardware needs to be replaced when I get the stick? Are all the screws the same size inside and out?


the SE does not need these types of screws. - the screws and stuff, do not “need” to be replaced.

The stick and buttons are what people often replace.


It’s just a esthetic replacement.

An other shop in UK.

Aluminium Bolts - Dome Head - Individual - Pro-Bolt - Titanium, Stainless Steel, Aluminium Fasteners & Motorcycle Bolts

LFB412 - All colors.


£1 each! what a rip off :frowning:

I found these on ebay in the uk (10 of them for £1.70)

are those the right ones?

probably not anodized aluminum but good value :slight_smile:


well I found black anodized Button Head Socket screws at Fastener Express…but I don’t understand the sizes

Fastener Express - Socket Head Cap Screws, Metric Screws , Fasteners and Anodize - Button Socket Screws Black Anodized Aluminum

does anyone understand what “4-40 x 3/16” etc means and can let us know which are the right ones?