Official Super Battle Opera Qualifiers Results

For ST: The qualifers are Mike Watson, Jesse “JumpsuitJesse” Cardenas, Bob “Kuroppi” Painter, Jason “Shirts” Deheras, Chris “shrek” Li, and Alex Valle.

CvS2: John Choi and Campbell “Buktooth88” Tran.

3rd Strike: pyrolee, Alex Valle, Paul Lee.

Guilty Gear XX: Ben “tragic” Cureton, ID.

No Cole ?=\

You’d expect the two-time ST champ to qualify for his game…

<s-kill> remaining players are:
<s-kill> James Chen
<s-kill> Mike Creque
<s-kill> David Sirlin
<s-kill> Chris Li
<s-kill> Cammy v Cammy fight on now
<s-kill> lolol
<mentok-> chun li
<big|dave> who did maxstah lose to?

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    <s-kill> no idea
    <s-kill> but cole is out
    <s-kill> totally eliminated

ST qualifiers-Watson, JSJ, Painter, Shirts, Valle, Chris Li (two Hondas and a Fei!)

COLE OUT holy shit. GO GO GO GO Shirts and Chris Li all the way!

I’m surprised he is out too. Maybe he got some “tap tap throw” action, like the good old days

Cole got beat by James Chen’s Cammy and by Valle(Ken I believe).

He said he wanted to concentrate more on winning CvS2 for this tourney.

What happened to John Choi?

How went the GGXX tourney?

ST-Watson, JSJ, Painter, Shirts, Valle, Chris Li (two Hondas and a Fei!) 3s qualifiers-pyrolee/valle/paul lee

choi did not enter ST.


GJ Paul! :cool:

wtf, no gee-o/adolfo/jr?


I was honestly expecting something along the lines of:

Paul Lee/J.R./Gee-O

I honestly don’t know much about Pyrolee, but I’m happy for him. :slight_smile:

As for Alex Valle, no disrespect to but I’m really surprised.

Shame Hsien (and I assume Mopreme) didn’t show up. :frowning:

All opinions aside let me just say this to those of you who placed:

**Congratulations !

I wish you the best of luck in representing American 3S at the Super Battle Opera!**

CHRIS LI!!! Gametime!!! ;D Gj to Mike too, heard he almost made it =]

YEAH CHRIS LI TOO GOOD!!! mike almost making it is too good too

i guess maxstah was really out of practice…who beat him (i doubt anyone will know still thought iw ould ask)

Go Valle and Team USA!

not that it really matters, but who ended up taking 1st & 2nd place in the 3s double elim, and who took 1st in the single elim?

How many total entered?

he lost in cvs2 also. he was pretty pissed off but i gave him a nice pat on the shoulder. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, Gee-O was there, but didn’t enter because he wouldn’t be able to make the trip to Japan. J.R. got to winners’ finals and lost to Valle, then lost to Pyrolee and decided not to re-enter for some reason. Alex Valle has been practicing 3S pretty hard as of late and he’s returning to his old form. He played a very solid Ken today. You don’t hear about him playing much 3S, but he’s easily top 2 in SoCal…


Haven’t seen much of Valle in 3rd strike, other than him losing 8 matches and winning 2 in the Evo and B5 DvDs. I saw him beat Choi last time they played 3s against each other at a Sunnyvale tournament that I attended. Beating Choi means you’re really good. Using Ken instead of Ryu or Yang is a huge step towards dominance as well.

Anyway, I’d like to say congratulations to Ben and ID for qualifying at GGXX.

But, weren’t there supposed to be three people qualifying for GGXX?