Official Super Mario Thread: All Things Mario

We have a thread for Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, but a search found no Mario thread. Well, not an Official all Mario thread, anyway.

Discuss official games, fan games, the music, talk about whatever involves the plumber.

Anyone ever beaten the Lost Levels? I think I’ve gotten to world 2-2, and was like “Screw this.” And quit.

Gonna try to get all 120 Stars on Super Mario 64 after I beat Yoshi’s Island. Never done it before. I think the most I got was 96 or something.

still waiting for this to be put on ds

Apparently Miyamoto didn’t like the story elements in Mario Galaxy and wants them removed, because he says they don’t matter. FACK. Regardless Galaxy 2 looks hot.

However, the Mario game I’m really looking forward to is New Super Mario Bros. Wii with the 4 player coop.

Dr. B is four player coop to. By four fine mamas.

If Super Mario RPG gets put on the DS, then I have a reason to cop a DS.

Same here brutha, when’s that game coming out?

yes LORD!!
bring this to ds. with updated content…new dungeons, a new option boss, etc. please.

I would so buy that game a second time. Been a while since I played it, actually.

I’ve never played Mario Galaxy but I read a bit about the story and it sounded interesting. Different from most of the stuff seen in Mario games, for sure.

Just finished New Super Mario Bros. last week. Was surprised Nintendo was working on a sequel already, same with Super Mario Galaxy.

Supposedly by the end of the year.

Nobody hyped for Mario and Luigi 3 as well? I haven’t played my DS for months and this might be the game that’ll get me hooked back into it.

the only BAD thing that mario has ever brought to this world, are the idiotic drones that want to make SSBM a traditional fighter

Super Mario Bros show kicks ass. Captain Lou Albano as Mario? Bowser wearing some ridiculous getup every episode? An episode that’s a homage to The Road Warrior? Too fucking good!

Oh I am SO FUCKING HYPE for Mario and Luigi 3! Not to mention who’s making a return in it
here’s a hint



Don’t start that shit in here FATAL…

I was always crap at Mario games, but I recently found out it was because I didn’t really own one until New SMB.
Seriously, my friends would let me play World for their amusement, 'cause I kept falling into obvious pits and running straight into enemies at the start of the level.
Mario War’s fun, but it’s too bad it doesn’t have online play.

I still need to get Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Loved Superstar Saga. When does Mario & Luigi 3 come out?

And fools was the Super Smash Bros series to turn into a traditional fighter? Um, WHY?

Such an underrated Mario game is Donkey Kong on the GB (Also known as Donkey Kong '94). One of the few games that advertised 100 levels and delivered 100 levels! The music was good time. If I’m not mistaken, Mario’s acrobatic moves first showed up in this game. Donkey Kong GB is an excellent mix of platforming and puzzle


September 14th, apparently. 2 months to go!

But yeah, fair word of warning, PiT is a bit different from SS. The whole baby system seems to have it’s fair share of detractors, but I didn’t find it so bad; it’s just that Superstar’s is much better.

Have you ever tried playing 4 player Survival on Toshinden? With all the settings cranked up at the highest level? :wasted:

Partners in Time was also SUPER linear.

Yoshi’s Island = Best 2d Mario

Super Mario Galaxy = Best 3d Mario

That is all.

Something I find interesting is that Miyamato was more involved with Doki Doki Panic than he was the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2. Also, from what I read, he felt Super Mario World could have been a better game. Go figure.

Partners in Time only gets points for a decent last boss fight. Otherwise, it wasn’t funny, it wasn’t fun. I hope the third time is the charm, there, cause I loved Superstar Saga and would hate to see the series go.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii looks awesome.

Also, what do you all think of Super Paper Mario?

I did make a a super mario 1 run every level with out dying on youtube. Though I need to know how to upload videos longer then 10 min on youtube so I can upload my mario 2 video.

Top 10 Mario Games

  1. Super Mario Galaxy
  2. Super Mario Bros. 3
  3. Paper Mario
  4. Super Mario 64
  5. Super Mario RPG
  6. Yoshi’s Island
  7. Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga
  8. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
  9. Super Mario Kart
    10.Super Mario World