*Official* Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo

If there’s another thread for this, let me know, but if not, by golly talk about it here! :rolleyes:

Tournaments, comments, favorites, whatever the hell you want U want to say…:confused:

I used to play everyday when it first came to playstation. 2 player matches were too fun.:lol:

What makes DAN So good? I think Ken is hands down the best character in the game…

Its all i play now.

Key points to winning- Is mixing up the blocks in the middle while building. Bt when you first start the round you match colors up for a few decent sized blocks. Dont try to build one Big ass block. because after 26 blocks you recieve if im correct you will get a diamond. Also never stack in the middleof where you are getting your blocks after the first three columns you should not build any int middle anymore.

Also if you know you sent your opponent a lot of counter gems try to set up some nasty chains but be patient. You should not try to make haste and try to bust a block just let your cursor ease to where you need it to go, and when the time is right (after you made some setups) smash some more to counter his.

Ken-Donovan-Akuma (No particular order) High Class
Devilot-Lei-Lei-Sakura-Morrigan: Middle Class
Ryu-Chun Li: Low Class
Dan: Garbage-One Diamond kills the fuck out of him or just one well placed red bubble. His counter gems are just terrible no variety. He sends you all red. But fun to play with on a Dan vs. Dan puzzle match.

Mo’ Information:

Two Kens Going at it:

It’s a great game. I can’t get over that they didn’t include this in the Alpha Anthology collection.

what’s up with that gem glitch??

I remember using it but can’t really remember how it goes

I’m all for SPF II Turbo and all that (huge fan of that game), but I wonder if it belongs in this forum (since it’s not technically a “fighting game” per say). :confused:

it has the word fighter in the title, i don’t think anyone is going to care.

it would definitely get moved from GD

I think jinrai would be able to provide some useful info to this thread hes played tons of PF:looney:

MFT! rather this than gem fighter.

oh well.

yeah, and dan is crap. I dunno whenever some uses him and they chain, I ALWAYS get red blocks which eventually leads to their death.

You have to be in between a stack of blocks(nomatter how big they are) and as soon as you pull down, then immediately flip the diamond downwards. There are other ways of using the diamond glitch that I made up myself. If anyone here wants to know, then just ask. Also, there is another glitch at the beginning of a match, but it requires you to have 2 same color sets of your first 2 pulls. Explanation: if you get any 2 different color blocks on your first pull and your 2nd. pull has 2 crash gems of the same colors as your first blocks, then bust them and you’ll get an “All Clear” message at the bottom of your screen, BUT it’ll also send 'bout 5 to 6 rows of blocks on the opponent’s side. It’s a GREAT way to confuse your opponent and mess up his/her set-ups.

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All Clear is a feature, not a glitch. Whenever you get an All Clear, whether at the beginning of a round or not, the game will add another 6 gems to whatever your break was worth.

And here are the true Puzzle Fighter tiers:

God Tier: Ken. 3S Gill and ST Akuma wish they were as broken as PF Ken.

Top Tier: Donovan. He’s basically 3-7 against Ken, while everyone else is 2-8 or worse.

Upper Tier: Sakura, Morrigan, Hsien-Ko. Decent patterns, but they can be countered easily.

Mid Tier: Akuma, Devilot. Great patterns, shit damage.

Low Tier: Ryu, Chun-Li, Felicia. Bad patterns. They have to kill in one attack or they’re pretty much dead.

Garbage Tier: Dan. His damage bonus isn’t enough to counter his retarded pattern.

I didn’t say that “All Clear” is a glitch. “All Clear” is a feature that’s already in the game. The “glitch” is the 5 - 6 rows of blocks at the BEGINNING of the match when you bust your 4 items. And Sakura is NOWHERE near upper tier. Ryu IS upper tier 'cause he can fill up your MIDDLE line faster than any character in the game and his damage dealing is high.

It’s always a good idea not to overkill in the beginning of a match; build up some block gems and then put irrelevant gems on top of them. After, crash those gems and get back down to the blocks created at the beginning. There should always be a goal for you in a match, whether it’s getting back down to that huge gem you have at the bottom of the screen, or something else.

Counter Gems are the key to comebacks and overall victories. They should be played just like a normal gem; put crash gems on them just like any other, but they obviously won’t crash as soon. Having crash gems under a pile of other gems waiting to crash counter gems that are counting down can bring a player back when at the top of their screen, creating nasty little chain combos…

When all is said and done, it really doesn’t matter how high or low we think Ryu and Sakura are.

Ken beasts them both 9-1. Game over.

That’s ONLY true for Sakura. It’s NOT true for Ryu. The ONLY way you’ll get “that” 9-1 ratio for Ken vs. Ryu is IF the Ryu player doesn’t know what he’s/she’s doing. A few years back at Midwest Challenge '04, Justin Wong was using Ken and had TROUBLE and BARELY defeated my Ryu. And to top it all off, he set his speed setting to 1(which for some strange reason it ALSO sets his damage drop to high) while I kept mine on normal 3. It was a tournament of close to 30 people that entered and they ALL fluctuated between using Ken and Donovan. I had 'bout 6 guys that told me they’ve NEVER seen Ryu used like that before. Are you by any chance going to EVO '07? If so, then I’ll gladly show you HOW Ryu is SUPPOSED to be used.

Everyone should be banned except Ken. The only time picking someone other than Ken would be a good idea is if your opponent doesn’t know how to counter a certain character.

To beat Ryu you build off the middle and one side. I forget which colors though.

Ryu doesn’t build up the middle faster than anyone else…except Akuma/Devilot.

The center slot where your blocks come from, Ryu DOES build up that middle faster than everybody in the game.