Official Super Turbo speeds for tournaments

Talk about a noob question! But I couldn’t find the answer anywhere.

I’d like to know the “official” speed that Super Turbo should be played at. I looked at videos of tournaments and found that Japanese tournaments play Speed: 2 often and American tournaments speed: 3 often. On the Wiki I found a table indicating that Japanese speed 2 is the same as American speed 1, so that doesn’t make much sense. I’m also wondering if Europe has it’s own rule for Super Turbo speed settings.

Another thing is that I’m wondering what speed Sirlin’s HD remix will use (is that known at all?)

Finally, my friends and I have decided to jump from the Dreamcast to the Playstation 2 for playing Super Turbo, but we’re not sure whether Hyper Street Fighter (O. Sagat/Claw dive problems) or Capcom Collection 2 should be used (move lag). And if these versions (European) are any different when it comes to turbo speeds.

Thank you in advance!

stick with the Dreamcast, get a save file that enables you to choose the different software versions of ST, choose the 2/23/1994 version, and have at it

Well, for logistical reasons, we had to take out the Dreamcast. But we can still play on the PS2.

(If you really want to know why, continue reading between the paranthases: We play our fighting games in a videogame store in a confy corner with two couches and two televisions. And room for an armful of consoles. It’s sort of like an arcade for customers. The Dreamcast was hardly being played anymore and we had to make room for the Wii and PS3. It was also a burden to use a bootdisk to play japanese games and have all those joypad converters hanging around. We just wanted to get rid of all that and just play Street Fighter without too much toying around with wires and loading screens. So SF on the PS2 it was to be!

On the Super vs Battle website I found rules for Super Turbo in europe: the game is played on Turbo 3 on Anniversery Edition, so that’s that!

If you’re going to use AE play AE, not AE with only ST characters.

Just play AE as is if you are not going to use the Dreamcast.

Yeah, AE is not ST, even if you limit yourself to only the ST characters. And CCC2 ST sucks in terms of correct speed.

For ST arcade I think it was Japan speed 3, American speed 2.

Thanks guys, we’ll gogo AE (and gladly learn the older characters!)

Any news on the speed of STHD though?