Official SWIFGA (Southwest Indiana Fighting Game Association) Thread


This is a call out to everyone in Southwest Indiana, Northwest Kentucky, and Southeast Illinois to get on board with the rest of us. We’re a small, but growing group that has sporadic, but frequent in home fight nights at various homes, arcades, and conventions in the tri-state area. We also maintain a title event every few months with a rotating, but democratically selected game that our members duke it out in for ownership of our Big Trophy, bragging rights, title of ‘King (or Queen) of SWIFGA’, and selection of the games to go in the next voting pool. We’ve had small money prize tournaments as well, but we’re not quite there yet on those.

We’re also working on streaming and uploading videos of our matches and events as well. We’re looking to break out of hosting events at homes, but have yet to rid a suitable venue/lack the active membership to support rental or pay to play fees of any locations we’ve found so far. However, I feel we are almost there.

No matter what your game, you’re sure to find at least one local person in our group to play with.

Upcoming events include a Vampire Savior tournament at a local arcade, King of SWIFGA III (featuring Street Fighter III: Third Strike), a streamed FT10 grudge match between two of SWIFGA’s long standing and underdog members in SSFIVAE, and we’re entering negotiations to make a return appearance at Evansville’s anime convention, Evillecon.

SWIFGA YouTube channel:

SWIFGA Facebook Group Page:

Cincinnati OH, Dayton OH, and Northern Kentucky: I have the best Wesker!

Vampire Savior tournament? What in the? Where is this arcade at, and when will this tournament be?


Reposted from the Evansville thread.

SWIFGA - SouthWest Indiana Fighting Game Association will be hosting a Halloween inspired Vampire Savior tournament!

Game: Vampire Savior
Location: Two Bit Bandit; 1650 Morgan Center Drive, Evansville, IN 47715
Date/Time: Friday, October 26; 7:30pm

The machine is set to $0.50 a play, so be prepared to pay for your own games, but in dire circumstances, I’m sure the community will provide. Tournament format TBA based on attendance. No prize is currently set and its all just for fun, but we may whip up something small.

Usually our events are small and private, but since this one is in a public place, I’d like to make it available to the public and encourage new members and build our community here.

It’s not required to attend, but I encourage you to visit, which will redirect to our group’s Facebook page and get in on our fight nights and every few months, our King of SWIFGA title event.