Official Tokyo Game Show 2008 thread

There is roughly 20 days left until this year’s TGS, and more and more announcements and informations are surfacing. I’ll start the thread off with today’s hot new blog update from capcom regarding TGS2008. Here’s the original link to the blog post.

Here’s the gist of the new blog entry.
<Street Fighter IV>
-There will be qualifier tournament(s) held at the Capcom booth during TGS for the Japanese SF4 nationals in January
-The winning prizes are SF4 for PS3 or X360, seed in the SF4 nationals, and a special SF4 arcade IC card with a custom title
-The tourney will be run on PS3/X360 using arcade sticks
-SF4 will be available in playable form for PS3 and X360
-There will be gifts for each player, and a better gift for the player that wins enough matches to get to the “Thank You For Playing” screen
-Details of the prizes will be announced on 9/26 (which btw is the same date as when they’re releasing another character unlock code for arcade SF4)
-There will be a third character to be revealed after Dan and Fei Long
-The new character will be playable at the CAPCOM booth

-There will be an announcement of a SUPER HUGE collaboration
-Can’t reveal anything atm, but get hype!

-They’re gonna show the trailer to the upcoming Street Fighter movie**

I also found a list of games Capcom will be showing at TGS this year on gamekyo. These are only the list of playable games that will be present at the show AFAIK.

  • Resident Evil 5 (PS3, Xbox 360)
  • Bionic Commando (PS3, Xbox 360)
  • Street Fighter IV (PS3, Xbox 360)
  • Monster Hunter 3 tri- (Wii)
  • Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom (Wii)
  • Dead Rising (Wii)
  • Fate Unlimited Codes (PS2)
  • Mega Man Star Force 3 (NDS)
  • Gyakuten Kenji (NDS)
  • Devil Kings : Battle Heroes (PSP)

SNK stuff
SNK has setup a blog of their own for TGS hype. Here’s the link to the blog. (Thanks to Takahashi0)

They’re showcasing KOFXII, KOF202 Unlimited Match, and KOF98 UM for X360 with XBL support.

I care about Dissidia characters. Will there be more at TGS? Specs hopes “yes.”


I don’t think it will be a .Vs game :frowning:
Though, the guys over at unity hinted at something.

Now I gotta get a wii (again) just to play…err, import TvC, screw that.

laugh: Since you created the TGS thread, hope you keep the first post updated with everything fighting game related.

fo realz Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom fo da wii?

MvsC 3 naaaaahhhhh!!!

I really hope to hear something from SEGA with regards to a console release for VF5:R.

Hmm. If the tournament is gonna be run on the console versions of SF4, does this mean they might release the console version earlier? I can’t see why they’d run a half-finished version of the game in a tournament.

that would be so pringles

the THIRD UNKNOWN CHARACTER will probably be cammy or something because she won that poll

Screw fighting games im just gonna get hype for any news about a Fumito Ueda (Ico, Shadow of the Colossus) game.

But that “huge collaboration” news does have me intrigued…

I need to see that MH3 in action.

Nice info. Hope to see some good stuff.



Marvel 3 For The Win

Dead Rising Wii, lol that shit’s gonna suck…

and why is that?

As much as I want it to be MvC3, I’m not getting my hopes up. I’ll just keep my expectations low and think along the lines of Midway Vs. Capcom or something lame like that.

I gotta agree. But it’s some of those returds on the capcom-unity forum that insist it will “do great” and “be like the 360” (version). And they (capcom) seem to have taken the bait.

im pretty sure they are waiting for the 2oth anni. of street fighter, which is in February if i’m not mistaken?

I do remember Ono saying in an interview that he may consider releasing it early if he is fully satisfied with the port. Anyway if they’re using the port for this tournament then it obviously must be close to being done imo.

or perhaps it’s just me being too hopeful or something, idk