Official Toonami Thread 2.0 - Plus Ultra!

So the first thread got killed cause of the limit. In case you missed out on the announcement in the other thread My Hero Academia is FINALLY…coming on to the block.

Thanks for the heads up geesepants!

Happy more people will be able to enjoy this show.


Cool although it will take a few episodes to get to the good stuff.

I watched the first season of my hero academia and there was no good stuff so I dropped the series.

The girls were the best designed characters. They were all cutie-patooties. Especially the pink alien looking girl and the frog girl

Glad to hear we’re getting this show. Something to start recording on weekends besides Jojo

That’s a big get for Toonami.

I’m pretty excited for MHA.

I’ve never really taken the time to watch.

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Trying to get caught up in some of the shows I missed… I completely forgot that Palm cleaned up in Hunter X Hunter.

Also wanted to remind people that MHA starts this weekend.

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So about Zamatsu’s plan…


If his plan is to kill all mortals, and in order to prevent them from interfering he killed all the other gods, who’s supposed to be left?

My Hero Academia being on Toonami is just perfect!!

Well done adult swim!

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That is the beauty.

The motherfucker is insane so besides animals (that are not killed off in his bombarding areas and himself that is supposed to be it.

Meanwhile, I wished they would have done the first two episode of MHA together, while it eventually builds well the first few episodes are a slog of an origin before things start moving and would be better to have it taken all at once.

So far I’m feeling the dub of MHA. Sabat has All Might’s laugh down pretty well.

FLCL Progressive starts tonight I believe. Just giving a reminder!

New FLCL was pretty interesting, so I’m wondering where its going to go. Especially with all those characters from the original showing up in the credits sequence.

Progressive seems to be just as ridiculous as the first. Jiyun sounds like the voice actor for Lightning.

Pop Team Epic debuted today…Lots of people are going to be confused.

Wow, they might get some angry letters from the ASPCA on this one.

Looks like shit is gonna start hitting the fan next week for My Hero

Two thoughts: Pop Team Epic really fits on Adult Swim and is pretty consistent with its weird comedy roots like ATHF, Robot Chicken, Space Ghost, etc.

Secondly, FLCL Prog was actually kinda enjoyable. It isn’t the revelation that original is thought to be but I like its overall wackiness and the space of mid-way into episode 3 through episode 5 were really good. I’m still thinking about my thoughts on the finale but I’ll probably catch the replay before Alternative in September to see how it holds up on rewatch.


Attack on Titan season 3 has started in Japan so we should be expecting that back on the block pretty soon.

August 18th. It was announced 2 weeks ago.

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