Official Toonami Thread 2.0 - Plus Ultra!

Missed that. Also I’ll never get tired of seeing All Might vs the Nomu. Still epic!

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Somewhat of a note. Due to the Disney/Fox merger, Adult Swim is starting to lose Fox shows left and right, which were the buffer for Toonami a lot of the time.

I realize this could kill a lot of viewership down the line. KotH is gone (I believe due to contract ending) but to lose the rest of the comedy shows will be noticeable

They will lose the Fox comedy shows, but they have been making their own for several years. It will likely mean more plus earlier airings of Rick and Morty and some Robot Chicken but the damage shouldn’t be that major.

heh, looks like Gohan could easily hit with this “Coco” girl. Niiiiice. Hahah Gohan has been unfaithful in his marriage. Videl does look better though.

These last two episodes have been the best push for Gohan 's character since he killed Cell. That is the Good thing about Super it tries to give everyone a moment to shine, whether it is successful or not is up to debate but it does a better job then Half of DBZ and all of GT.


Missed out on FLCL Alternative’s premiere episode last weekend. I’ll have to watch it on demand.

As expected, the Merger did have an effect though not necessarily an expected one.

In response to losing the expected shows, the Toonami Block has been massively expanded. It’ll now run from 9 PM all the way to 4 AM starting on the 29th.


Alternative have finally aired? Skips off to google

tho i might wait till the whole thing airs…

The palace infiltration in HxH is still incredibly epic. So much stuff is happening and so many moments where things are happening and nobody says anything to anybody but they’re all on the same page. Love stuff like that.

Megalo Box Premiers on Toonami December 8th. I watched it on Crunchy Roll earlier this year. I’m wondering how good the dub will be. Either way I highly recommend it. It’s an amazing anime.

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Been curious about Megalobox…if it does well maybe Toonami can introduce people to Ippo?

Edit: also gonna ask a question that I’m sure I’ll get ridiculed for but I don’t care. Why is there a negative stigma around Black Clover again? I’ve been catching up on stuff I recorded and despite it clearly kinda being Naruto with magic I actually like what the show has been doing so far. Yami is prob my fav character in the show right now and Sabat’s delivery of him has been great.

You can’t really compare Megalbox to Ippo. The only thing they have in common is they both revolve around boxing. Megalo is very dark, gritty and violent with mostly story, the matches aren’t really shown unlike Ippo.

I also hope they keep the sound track for Megalo box cause that shit is :fire:

sheeeeit, Black Clover was off to a terrible first impression with me, mostly due to the main character. That dude is all around terrible, man…I don’t like the visual design or his constant yelling of just about every line…like he’s freaking out about something 99% of the time, and it’s always dialed up to the max…on top of that, nothing in those first few episodes really jumps out to grab my attention, in terms of the general storyline. Maybe I’ll give it another chance again someday. (making sure to skip those horrid early episodes)…maybe.

Ippo is unlikely because it is too long. If it ever gets on in the West it will need to be on a super popular streaming platform where people can binge.

I actually enjoy Black Clover, it is a lot like Fairy Tail where it is basically popcorn anime, fluffy with little to no substance. That being said some of the fights are decent, for better or worst depending on your preferences it doesn’t have Fairy Tail level of fan-service but it does show out at times.

Also Charmy is funny, like a muppet or something. Overall it makes for a decent watch when you are doing something else as you really don’t need to give it your full attention.

Black Clover is alright for the usual Shonen trope. I will say it is a tiny bit above late chapters Fairy Tail since the author was to scared to kill off any important or semi important characters.

Ok, the lineup they have going on now continues to be strong…the best it has been since the “old era”, imo… it’s even improved a bit now that goofy ass Pop Team show is apparently gone. DBZ was back to regular ol’ “Kai” on the 8pm spot, but I was fine with that since I haven’t seen that particular Radditz episode in forever…interesting to see that this is back before Goku even knew about his own species. (*but also interesting that Radditz apparently didn’t know the full story of what happened to their home planet…he said it was destroyed by an asteroid or something…)

I actually watched Black Clover for a change last night, and it wasn’t as terrible as I remember the early episodes being.

My Hero, DB Super and Jojo continue to be the main events in the lineup for me.

How was flcl alternative in y’alls opinion?

From what I’ve watched so far I think its better than progressive. It feels a bit more coherent…about as coherent as flcl could be anyway

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Apparently mob psycho 100 is coming to Toonami. I must have missed the announcement earlier if they already said that last week.

Been hearing about this show…this will give me an excuse to watch it.