Official Toonami Thread 2.0 - Plus Ultra!


It is hilarious and some of the action is gloriously over the top.


Well that was strange.


Mob psyco has been pretty interesting and funny so far. Been trying to get caught up on jojo since I fell behind and just got to Yukakko. Holy hell what a CAB.

The english dubs for HxH and My Hero have been pretty great. I forgot about how much shit was going down during the infiltration in HxH.


the current Jojo’s series on CN is better than last season’s shit for sure, man… previous series was too damn “monster of the day” for me and just got boring. I stopped and only resumed watching it at the end when Dio FINALLY was involved on screen and doing something again.


Newest series of Jojo will be. Picking up even more soon…that’s all


Looking forward to it!


I agree with you about Mob Psycho. I can’t wait for the second season. I’ve heard news that it’ll be released in Japan in January 2019.


Slightly related note, I watched those 2 new Yu Yu Hakusho OVAs. 1st one was aight but the 2nd was pretty fun. Jusr seeing the old gang back together brought the feels. Hope they dub em and air them on Toonami

(Also hoping it leads to some type of brand resurgence like DB is having right now)


Wasn’t sure how I’d feel about Megalobox but I’m digging it so far.


It only gets better. It’s legit become one of my favorite anime’s. There is a certain episode that made my jaw drop just from the cold open. The whole episode was extremely dark and gritty. I don’t know where toonami is at when it comes to airing it but it’s about half way through the series.


Joe is being Gearless in Megalomania right now.


Oh so you already passed the episode with the butterflies. That episode was powerful.


I was hoping the first half of the new Sword Art season would be decent, as the other seasons were before descending into crap. However there’s some loli yaoi shit less than 5 minutes in, so . . . expectations are falling fast.


I gave up on SAO, although the Gun Gale Alternative spinoff which is currently on Netflix has been fun.