Official Twelve Video Thread

Post your Twelve videos here. I’ll start it off.

Yoshida(MA), Haramou(NE), Omitsu(OR)
Shamoji(12), Nuuboo(HU), Drop(RY)

Yamazaki, RX, etc.

Yamazaki, Aruka & Zangoef’s qualifier for SBO5.

Chikyuu(twelve) vs Mike(yun)

Im a pro twelve user :slight_smile: so this thread gets two thumbs up…

the thing is you have to keep moving with twelve

Shame you’re not a pro thread reader… POST TWELVE VIDS OR GTFO

I haven’t gone through each vid here so I’ll double check 'em tomorrow to make sure there are no dead links/incorrect descriptions or player names.

d(DU), Yuuki(YU), Shinchan(CH)
Nuuboo(HU), Drop(RY), Shamoji(12)

Ochibi/OTB(YU), Ma Junior(CH), Pierre(UR)
Aruka(IB), Zangoefu(AL), Yamazaki(12)

Burton (12) vs Justin Wong (Chun-Li)

Burton (12) vs Q (Chun-Li)

Yamazaki (12) vs Black Ken (Ken) <- AWESOME match

Y.S.B. (Hugo) vs Yamazaki (12)

Roshihikari (Yang) vs Yamazaki (12)

Yamazaki (12) vs TSC (Makoto)


Another quick one…


The only video I’ve seen where Yamazaki gets totally outplayed. Urien vs 12 is a hard match-up but even so…

That’s strange. I’ve seen Yamazaki beat RX before. Bad day maybe… :xeye:


Yamazaki vs. Ma Junior

Edit: Apparently not a complete video, but a lot of people say 12 won, who knows.

Twelve vs Urien is massively weighted in Urien’s favour, like 7-3 (if not 8-2). The threat from Urien’s metallic sphere means Twelve has to played a more muted game than usual, poking from distance and taking reeeeally calculated risks to get in. All it takes is one MP or HP metallic sphere to connect to effectively end the round (I speak from painful, frustrating experience). When Twelve is trapped in the corner, getting out can be hell too. Twelve’s cr.MK beats Urien’s ground pokes and Urien’s slooooow jump is really easy to AA with X.N.D.L. but other than that, it’s an uphill struggle.

So a good Urien will usually beat a good Twelve, and it is RX in the vid… I’ll try dig up some vids of Yamazaki or other 12 players beating Urien.

Good example of what I’m talking about - Pierre turns the second round around on the back of ONE MP metallic sphere connecting. Also notice how Yamazaki gets in - not by air-dashing but with neutral jumps. This is probably so he can parry any metallic spheres that come his way.

Here we go, Twelve beating Urien. Also, Eznorb, you’ll see that cr.LK xx LP AXE xx SAI hit confirm I mentioned in that other thread - it’s in the second round just as Yamazaki becomes visible again. Learn it! It’s very useful and looks awesome.

To beat Urien you have to lose. You must learn the angles and spots in which they will throw a sphere and which strength in order to avoid. You basically have to outthink. Trust me it’s better to be agressive here than defensive, otherwise he build bar corner you and put you in the GGPO bin.

Haha sweet, I’ll check it out. Once my arcade stick gets here later this week, I’ll just sit around for a couple hours and practice that combo on a dummy opponent.

If he builds bar, you can EX NDL him and use the knockdown to air-dash in on him without getting a metallic sphere in the face. It’s an odd mix of playing defensively (EX NDL, regular NDL, building meter, IAD to bait metallic spheres, cr.MK and standing FK to keep him honest) and aggressively (Urien has no anti-air to deal with Twelve’s deep jumping attacks). You need to switch up between the two to stop Urien from getting comfortable.

The problem with playing aggressive all the time is Urien will eventually connect with a metallic sphere/EX headbutt/cr.FP. If you get pushed back to midscreen range, it’s best back off and wait for another opening rather than rush back in. Twelve doesn’t have the defence to take crazy risks, especially not against Urien.

A few Twelve vids of non-Yamazaki players so we can see different styles of play…


There’s no doubt Yamazaki has the best 12 but I think I like watching Shamoji’s the most. He plays really aggressively with 12, he’s fun to watch. No fear!

I’m still trying to find Valle and Shogo using 12.

Shit is crazy.

9TNine uses Twelve every now and then too, but that dudes main game is GG

Valle only uses Twelve in casuals IIRC, so that might be a little harder to find. I should have some of my own scrubby videos up soon too.

I think there is a video on of valle playing Amir and EdMa @ Valles pad and he used twelve a lot.

Cool. Can you link it up or rehost it on Youtube? I can’t remember my log-in but I’ll do it myself if no-one else does over the next few days.

I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks Stuart.

Haha… there’s no way I can provide any useful Twelve info at all.

All I do with him is fly fierce and fly roundhouse… hmmm… maybe I CAN play Twelve…


lol. Me too. Oh, and low fly jabs into walk up throws. lol.

I couldn’t find the vid, Mike. Still looking though. D:

No worries man. I’m waiting on a bunch of my own matches to be uploaded, so I should have more vids to post up here in a week or so myself, so at least this thread will keep ticking over :slight_smile: