OFFICIAL Unofficial 5 on 5 WC vs TX vs EC 3S Exhibition

First off thanks to all the death threats Ed Ma has been getting lately, he’s gone into hiding and left me in charge of organizing this bad boy (note, however, that besides the time the details that follow come straight from Ed). So keep sending those threats to the Masters and not me.

Friday August 18th @ 3pm (or whenever Tekken semi’s end) in the BYOC.

5 on 5
Blind Pick
Single Match
Double Elimination
No Duplicate Characters
Judgment in Effect (due to time constraints; not because I use Necro)

The teams are:

Team East Coast
Exodus, Flash G, Henry Cen, KOFiend, Justin Wong

Team Texas
AsianHitler, Fubarduck, Hsien, Lee, Mopreme

Team West Coast 1
Alex Valle, Amir, Hungbee, Pyrolee, ???

Team West Coast 2
Arlieth, Frankie3S, Mutant XP, Rockefeller, ???

A playoff right before the exhibition will determine the last 2 WC spots (Ed is one of the players so you guys can take your shot at him then). A coin toss will determine which WC team EC and TX plays first. The whole thing will be taped so if you’re like me and can’t watch Marvel for more than 30 seconds without getting dizzy, come out and cheer for your region / favorites. It’s a celebration…

So, no team MW?

death threats? wtf?

Wack that Watson has to qualify for a spot.

You’d think he’d be a shoe-in at this point.

lol no, seems that most of the kens are gonna have to fight it out

I’m curious to see the actual character lineup for EC’s team. I know KOFiend’s perma-Yang, I assume exo will be playing Yun, Flash as Ken and Justin as Chun, but what about Henry?

gl to all to all those competing. hope you guys all have fun. ken i, ricky o, paul lee, ed ma… too many players not enough spots. i chose to let them battle it out. not saying i would beat them to make it, but i think they have a better chance :slight_smile: edma should get a spot just because he hasnt had a shot to play on a team yet, and let the rest battle it out. thats just my opinion. whoever disagrees is selfish to not let ed have a chance.

gl all

c u at the craps table bitches!!!

I will proudly represent team japan in this event. it will be

Me (robin palm)/ Daigo/ KO/RX/Ohnuki

Cuz me and nuki both play chun… I’ll switch to alex.

The reason I qualify for team japan, well, my girlfriend is 1/4 japanese, my sister in law is japanese, and my soon to be nephew is 1/2 japanese. So yeah!