Official USFIV/GGXrd/P4U TE2 Thread


New thread since the old “leak” thread didn’t seem like it was off to a good start.

What we know:
-TE 2 case (most likely the updated case from the “unbranded” TE2)
-Sanwa parts
-USFIV art
-2 versions, XBox 360 and PlayStation 3/4 version
-360 version has red sides
-PS3/PS4 version has blue sides
-PS3/PS4 version has a toggle switch to select consoles, like the HRAP.V4
-Coming in August

PS3/4 TE2 Issues. Moisture bubbles, cheap Alan-key/Hex-Key screws and screwdriver
Questions about the TE2 Madcatz fightstick
Info Thread: Rules, FAQs and Tutorials Inside. (READ THIS BEFORE HITTING THAT NEW THREAD BUTTON!)
Merged: MadCatz TE2 fight stick has a hollow feel to it

Looks like I found my 3rd stick. I need the PS3/PS4 one in my life.


My only hope is that the PS4 PCB is common ground.


Hopefully we’ll get to review these. ehem @MarkMan ehem


Looking forward to seeing more custom artwork for the TE2, just picked up a KI stick and super stoked!


I liked what I saw of the TE2 stick. A few drawbacks though, like the plexi top not being snug under the buttons but instead, hovering around the rims. Plus, the lid not popping open, but feeling kinda “meh” when you press the button. Otherwise, I felt it was a huge step forward over previous MadCatz designs.

Hopefully, these ease a few of those issues.


It’s cuz USF4 will be ported to PS4 with cross-play.


If you’re willing to review it at SEAM 2014. I’ll give you/SRK a first crack for an exclusive. Then I’ll send you one packaged later.


Wait why does the PS3 stick have PS4 compatibility but the 360 stick doesn’t have Xbox One compatibilty? I would think that would be possible since you guys already have an xbox one stick anyways. What’s stopping you guys from doing it?



No USFIV for the PS4 neither unless MarkMan confirmed something for us by accident.


There’s the Hadouken Cabs video too, but yeah nothing confirmed.


Yeah, I want to see what’s up with that Hadouken Cabs. What if it’s USF4 Turbo? Like, 1080p, 120 fps, 25% faster…


I totally forgot about the Hadouken Cabs thing. I wonder if it’s just another throwaway video like “Darkstalkers are not dead.”


this is something I might have a solution for, once get the local panel/plexi maker, B-Boy Tekken, to get some stuff done for me :slight_smile:


Yeah, the solution is use a set of screw in buttons with a new plexi panel, lol. Probrem solved.


Sure thing. Let’s continue this over email.


Because Hori is doing it and they don’t want to get upstaged.

Also, it’s most likely that Sony is encouraging this for new peripherals, unlike MS.


I must admit I’m really excited for this stick. My understanding is PS3/PS4 will release in August in Japan first? Hmmm.

I’ve always liked my Hori stick but maybe it’s time I stepped up to the plate for next gen. I had a chance to get my hands on my a Madcatz Stick, this week (not a lot of people have sticks where I live) and I was impressed with the quality of the case. And that was just a VS.


i was thinking more of making washer-like spacers out of plexi, same thickness of the default plexi. same diameter of the default plexi hole, and ofc 30mm hole inside. so that your buttons dont look “sunken in” you put it inbetween the button and the panel. so you can still have the “i can replace my artwork w/o removing shit” thing still in mind.