Official USFIV/GGXrd/P4U TE2 Thread


for wiring LEDs, can I take advantage of the pins for the official LED board? I feel like I should be able to if one of those is ground and the other is 5V. Not trying to do anything but simple lights


so, just got my jasen panel and wanted to put it on my persona te2, is there s a way I can remove it without damaging the artwork? the damn thing is glued on the panel.


Yea the rivals stick is the same way. I just got a panel too im sure we may need to use a blow dryer to warm up the edges and slowly peel up remove screw then put back down. Debating if I care or not at this point but yea pretty shitty the way it was done since these are supposed to be highly customizable


I just ripped mine out, kinda screwed up by doing that, the laminate came off the artwork a little bit you really have to stare at it to notice. eh.


So I did a bit of an impulse buy and not really research and bought myself a second hand TE2 (Blue one) it was priced very reasonably and much cheaper than what I would have paid retail.

My initial thoughts - much prefer the OG TE and the VS, whilst the top panel mech is great, to me it compromises the integrity of the top panel. With some pressure I found it flexing quite a bit, not a show stopper but slightly annoying.

What’s the go with the Plexi? Rainbows anyone? It also moves around quite a bit and I can feel it move when playing, it’s not flush with the bezel, there’s probably a 0.5mm difference? I plan on getting Art’s plexi eventually (but shipping of USD50 to Australia hurts), hopefully it fixes that issue since Art’s plexi installs the old school way where the buttons snap on top of the plexi and not around the button like the TE2 seems to be doing.

Finally, can replacement bezels and side panels be purchased anywhere? The Mad Catz store ( seems to be broken.


I called mad catz about the bezels and sides. They’re moving their store sales to amazon and those parts won’t be available until “some time around summer”. In the mean time I’m going to buy a bezel and paint it white since there’s no white option at the moment.


more than happy to do that, just checked Amazon but the items don’t ship to Australia :frowning:


Anybody watch Tokyo Button Mashers over the weekend? Anyone notice the all black TE2+?

Are they Japanese exclusive?

Would like to go for an all black TE2+ out of box and it appears the only way is to import from Japan. Anybody else know of other retailers that will sell these all black TE2+'s?


Not the biggest deal in the world, since it’s gonna get the @“Jasen Hicks” EZ-MOD Brook UFB treatment pretty soon, but…

My USF4 XBox360 TE2 doesn’t get recognized (driver missing message) on my new Win 8.1 PC (64bit OS/Intel CPU/MSI Mobo).

It runs fine on XBox360 (Duh), and on my old Win 7 PC (32bit OS/AMD CPU/GigaByte Mobo).

I had been previously using a Fightstick Alpha on the new PC with the MadCatz driver to make it work with SFV on PC.

When I plugged in the TE2 it wasn’t recognized, so I thought the MC driver was the problem, and uninstalled it.

When I plugged in the TE2 again afterwards, it still wasn’t recognized.

I then downloaded & installed the official Microsoft XBox360 controller drivers: Xbox 360 Accessories Software 1.2 64-bit for Windows 7 , but again it still wasn’t recognized. :cry:

What gives?

Is Razer Atrox good for PC today?

Rather easy.
If you already installed the drivers, go to device manager (or better yet, Devices and Printers), go to the unidentified device or whatever its called, go to properties, go to the field for the driver and click on update driver. click on ill choose the driver to install, look for Microsoft xbox controller class or 1.2 or 2.1 xbox 360 driver, whatever it is, I think the date is 8/13/2009, and install it that way.


i need help finding the home button ( optional turbo settings with the switches )



4-common line for buttons
5-player led cathode
6-ir led cathode
7-clock (HC164:pin8-CLOCK)
8-data (HC164:pin2-A2)
9-player led anode
10-ir led anode


has someone found a work around for a broken latch, the tab broke off my case.


Can always get creative with a hot glue gun a Dremel and magnets.


damn thats actually a good idea


Hey guys,

I got a madcatz TE2 GGxrd edition since launch 2 years ago. I use it occasionally, playing a few hours a week.

Its stick is now not working anymore properly, on SFV for example, I cant even do a horyuken move when I am on left side of screen.

Should a buy exactly a new stick from sanwa or a seimitsu ls-32 would do a better job?

Also when I close the lid it doesnt fit properly and does noise when making the moves, it is a problem with the hinges mentioned above?

I dont know any other forum thread to get replies for my questions on this matter, I hope I can get here.


hi everyone i have a problem with my stick TE2+ :frowning:
just when i activate “up” is stay up all the time :frowning:
like this :
someone know how i can fix this?


My TE2 USB cord might have died, will confirm with a friend to test with another cord, where we can find that USB cord these days ?


They sell them on

Anyone painted their bezel? I have a Rivals TE2 and I really don’t like the orange. The only bezel still available to buy comes in just red.

I want to paint mine white. Basically what kind of paint should I use or spray paint for that matter.


Found this on reddit

Sand 100-200 grit
Spray primer (let it cure for 24 hrs)
x2 Spray base color (let cure for 24 hrs)
Spray clear or matte coat let cure for (24-48 hrs)
Wet sand 800-1000 grit
Polish with NuFinish swirl remover

So just plain old spray paint I guess.

Though this was for the side panels rather than the bezel. Don’t know if there’s any difference.