Official Vancouver 2010 Olympics Thread

Official site: (Live coverage will be available on the site)

Where: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

When: February 12-February 28, 2010

-Alpine Skiing
-Cross-Country Skiing
-Figure Skating
-Freestyle Skiing
-Nordic Combined
-Short Track
-Ski Jumping
-Speed Skating

Apologies for the formatting. I don’t know if I can use tables to make things more organized, but it should be easy enough to read. First number is Gold, second is Silver, and third is Bronze. Total medal count for each country is bolded. The number to the left of the country name is the rank.

3 United States (USA) 9 15 13 37
2 Germany (GER) 10 13 7 30
1 Canada (CAN) 14 7 5 26
4 Norway (NOR) 9 8 6 23
9 Austria (AUT) 4 6 6 16
11 Russia (RUS) 3 5 7 15
5 South Korea (KOR) 6 6 2 14
7 China (CHN) 5 2 4 11
7 Sweden (SWE) 5 2 4 11
12 France (FRA) 2 3 6 11
6 Switzerland (SUI) 6 0 3 9
10 Netherlands (NED) 4 1 3 8
14 Czech Republic (CZE) 2 0 4 6
15 Poland (POL) 1 3 2 6
16 Italy (ITA) 1 1 3 5
20 Japan (JPN) 0 3 2 5
24 Finland (FIN) 0 1 4 5
13 Australia (AUS) 2 1 0 3
17 Belarus (BLR) 1 1 1 3
17 Slovakia (SVK) 1 1 1 3
21 Croatia (CRO) 0 2 1 3
21 Slovenia (SLO) 0 2 1 3
23 Latvia (LAT) 0 2 0 2
19 Great Britain (GBR) 1 0 0 1
25 Estonia (EST) 0 1 0 1
25 Kazakhstan (KAZ) 0 1 0 **1 **

The opening ceremony begins today, Feb. 12th…who’s excited? :bgrin:
EDIT: Can I get this thread stickied for the duration of the Olympics?

fuck i don’t know how i’m going to watch the hockey. They are definitly not going to have it at bars here. Im going to have to get up and hope it’s streaming online at 4:30 am for the norway game. gay

I wonder if Canada’s gonna try to outdo China’s opening ceremony. Honestly, I don’t think anything will top China’s ceremony, ever.

our ceremony is probably going to suck

russia will probably win the gold medal in men’s hockey
we’ll see…
ovechkin is a force to be reckoned with


Hey, are you going to see the Olympics live?

I wont lie I am p. hype for dat CURLING

Also the Biathalon is one of the more confusing combination of sports that I have seen, but if I happen to catch it I gonna be called elmers cuz i GLUED to dat tv

you should be glued to that Cross-Country Skiing

Curling is actually not a bad game to play.

yeah curling is great, its suspensful to play it

its actually the perfect sport to add anime split screen hyper backgrounds too, cause you dont have to fake the suspense like dbz does, it literally takes 30 seconds for the rock to reach the destination anyway.

Plus its the only international sport that Scots are top tier at >_>

You mean it isn’t golf?

gooooo canada
win gold in hockey or die

How does one become top tier at some of these sports?

For some of the more obvious like Hockey, and Figure Skating that’s understandable.

But Biathlon, Skeleton, and Bobsledding?

Dunno about biathlon (prolly just be an indecisive bastard and you’ll be perfect for it), assume skeleton just has you falling down hills on tea trays a lot for practice but bobsledding obviously involves you being a sprinter only to be approached by the disgraced ex-champion John Candy in the hope of redeeming himself by living vicariously through you and your underdog team.

Wow Olympics hasn’t even started and we already have a death.

You win some, you luge some.


I’m rooting for da brotha in speed skating. (Shani Davis to you unimformed…brothas)

go team canada, nuff said

beware the russians however…

Wow, I just watched the video of that guy dying doing luge, shit was CRAZY.

Curling is gonna be dope because Vernon Davis is the Captain of Team USA!