Official where to find HRAP/MCTE joystick thread

Since the other HRAP thread has now been hijacked by people modding it, I thought those of us who are still trying to find a real joystick for SFIV (and don’t want to use ebay) start a thread for in-stock sightings/rumors.

I’m just upset I have a game I got in Feb that I can’t really play until June/July! There’s only so much beatings I can take on xbox live using the regular controller. I’ve quit until I can find a joystick, so please help!

Check out the custom sellers on this site. They seem to be making some quality stuff which blows HRAPs out of the water. I’m not advertising for them, seriously they are better. Also, the next shipment is definitely in July. Ebay is not going to be a good buy unless you can stomach dropping $160 for a HRAP3 unfortunately.

I myself am looking for another joystick as well, because I feel like modding one…

I was looking on a little earlier and noticed a HORI Death Smiles Arcade Stick (, which is for the 360. It looks pretty much identical to the HRAP EX except the Death Smiles Art, so I’m assuming this is just a custom HRAP. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any other information on this stick and it isn’t open for pre-orders yet. I may try to pre-order it when pre-orders open, and I can only hope its as mod-friendly as the HRAP EX.

Anyone have any updates on this? HRAP3 and TE’s still seem to be out everywhere, except for ebay where a single guy seems to be selling the TE’s over and over for $260 each