Official Word From Nintendo! Is Street Fighter Cheap or Chessy?

Came across an old letter of mine from Nintendo. Thought I would share.

Damn son, you’re an OG of theory fighting!

If you wanted to start a Nintendo of America vs SF thread just say so. Shit.

McGoldrick is a manly name.

Like Gristle McThornbody.

Nintendo plays to win, apparently. That’s why they made the Wii - even if they get disliked by the majority of the gaming world, they do what gives them the most money. Then the other players called them “gimmicky” - typical scrub move. :wink:

Anyway, his title is “game play counselour”?

You take a hot dog, fill it with some jack cheese, roll it in a pizza… You’ve got cheesy blasters!

But in the letter he said there is no such thing as “cheap” in SF. Why did you open a thread about it?

quoted for truth. Nintendo plays to win.

Also QFT.

Roll Fizzle Beef?

Blast Hardcheese

Nintendo, Now You’re Playing to Win.

Also, to answer the thread title: a good game of SF is supposed to be like a game of chess, so I’m gonna go with chessy.

LOL… My bad. If an Admin can change the Thread Title that would be great.

I never did see my letter posted in Nintendo Power. Damn you Nintendo!

LOL! I used to write letters to Nintendo as a kid, too!

The best part is you’d get a REAL REPLY from a REAL PERSON. EVERY TIME.

I think I would mostly ask about release dates for such-and-such game and why such-and-such arcade game didn’t have a home port… and why “Final Fight” on SNES only had one player.

Yo what’s the point of this thread, man?

Also, the dude made a typo when he said, “you are better player”.

I agree wholly.

I wouldn’t say Street Fighter was particularly cheap at the time of that letter. It cost about the same as other titles of that time and, even though prices for video games were lower back then, people’s wages and salaries were smaller as well.

Ah… I miss that old Nintendo letterhead! I use to get them all the time… sounds very much like the big ‘N’ right there.


Bolt Vanderhuge