Official Yang Video Thread

I’ve been looking at some other character specific boards and I have noticed that most of the characters have video threads. Well, Yang didn’t and I decided that he should. I believe that to play Yang safely and correctly you must see top notch play and not just read text. I don’t have any vids. my self rite now, seeing as I got a new computer and don’t have any vids. on it but I’ll make sure to show what I have when I get the time. So anyway post what ya got and give a little description of what the video is.:tup:

you should get coop 4, some yang goodies in there

I would but my new computer is dial-up right now and that file would take me like 4 days to complete.

Couple questions.

Can someone help me out in where to dl coop 4? I already dl’ed all the yang matches from combovideos, are any of those part of coop 4 or is that something different?

Also are there any vids of KO’s yang match vids floating around? I remember seeing them but couldnt get them in time.

Thanks in advance.

-DJ- theres some vids of ko’s yang on that site click on sr6 on the bottom that will take you to the vids link i can’t tell you which one has his vids but just look for the purple yang with the name kenzo thats him

Thanks true tech.

For everybody else Ive already dl all the matches and the Yang matches are 06, 15, 20, 22, 24.

I personally like 15, 20, and 22. Really good shit going on in those matches.


Good lookin out Jin

I completely forgot about this topic

watched the vids and KO completely murdered those other players. I feel really bad for the Ibuki player he/she barely did anything

Its Jim, not Jin. But I get that all the time lol.


my bizzad

Looks like this topic never really took off with vids. Well, here’s some goodies:

Ibuki [Monme] VS Yang [Kenzo]

Korean Tournament where the winner gets a ticket to EVO. Really good Yang at the beginning of this.

Yang [KOFiend] VS Chun-Li [Fubarduck]
Chun-Li actually wins in this vid, but Yang beats the crap outta her at one point in the vid, so I’m posting it. Yang beastage starts at 2:46 if anyone wants to see just that.

Yang [Roshihikari] VS Urien [Pierre]

Yang [Roshihikari] VS Chun-Li [Nuki]





[media=youtube]pSnuAz-CZ6I"]Yang [Roshihikari] & Necro [Sugiyama] & Urien [RX] vs Ryu [Namijin] & Oro [Dirty?] & Dudley [Eda[/media]

[media=youtube]5A_rYIglukg"]Dudley [?] & Yang [?] & Ken [?] vs Yang [Roshihikari] & Urien [RX] & Necro [Sugiyama[/media]

Mokomoko (KE) vs Goemon (YA)

Monme (IB) vs Kenzo (YA)

PinoAB7 (NE) vs ??? (YA)

Kenzo (YA) vs Hirochan (OR)

Ghost (YA) vs Hirochan (OR)

Kenzo (YA) vs ZON (CH)

Kenzo (YA) vs C-13 (MA)

Kenzo (YA) vs Nomoto (GO)

Ruu (RU) vs Roshihikari (YA)

Good shit. I’ve seen most of the vids your talking about but theres afew I haven’t watched.

Oh, and repeating what TrueTech said, the Kenzo vids, thats actually KO using Yang. Thats mainly the reason the fights only last for like 1:30.