Official $yndicate Avatar Request

Hey avatar makers, I need someone who is willing to make a official for the $yndicate.

1st Idea: First off, I need someone who has or can get this font on this avatar (image is at the bottom). I went an emblem with a stylish-looking “S” or a stylish-looking dollar sign. Then have the name “$yndicate” in the font of the avatar below in red.

2nd Idea: If possible, have a pic of a 100 dollar bill( the old one) and instead of Ben’s face, have a “S” there or a pic of a member’s favorite Marvel character. Next, where it says “The United States of America” put “The United $tates of Hustlers”.

Hit me up on AIM if anything.

*$yndicate *


PS thats a difficult & obscure request

i can do it

eh, the fonts will be hard to edit. being that that shit is small and oddly colored on some ugly green i dunno how much further i can go as far is font editing. but i did get an idea of what u want.

someone else take over:sweat:

y iz g-unit on the bill???

you’ll never get someone to do that for you scrubs but if you are Team Decepticons you can HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Yuoi claim you’re a Decepticon yet you got a Mag avatar? Funny. Just mind your business and go save up your money when you show up. Now back to more important matters, if you no one can’t do the bill avatar, then just do the emblem with that font.

*-$yndicate- *

PS Z$NYNDIKT3-X3RCkUTIONER that request is hard since you dont know what the font name is otherwise i & others might consider it