Official Zot Zone Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Results


Thanks again to everybody who came. Congratulations to Sean Lui who came and took it all. Good stuff, man. Also, props to Hiro, Chris, and everyone else who joined. I hope this tourney opens the door up for future ones. Without further ado, here are the detalied results:

  1. Sean Lui
  2. Hiro Oni japanese oni
  3. Chris Collins Squeamish
  4. Marvin Jay R Ust BL adE 9
  5. Abel Rojas Double Reppuken
  6. Yi Wang ohdangitsyiwang
  7. Curtis Daly Coitus
  8. Jasong Gong
  9. Mike T
  10. Eliot Lee ClosetRemy
  11. Daniel Lee
  12. Marcus Amith shiningsoul
  13. Mark M. Futureal
  14. David Ngo
  15. David L.
  16. Josh Def1nitely

I’m sure we didn’t run the tournament perfectly so if you have any questions, comments, slams, or suggestions, you can either direct them to me or Abel (Double Reppuken). Abel posts more than I do so you might get a quicker response from him.

Also, we didn’t think we would have such a good turnout which is why we chose to give the entire pot to the winner. Next time, if at least 16 people join, we’ll do a 70/20/10 split.

Again, thanks for coming and let’s keep the UCI SF Scene kicking.


should’ve asked you guys to start the tourney at 2. i tried calling abel but his phone was off. didn’t thinking of calling you kuz you said you won’t be there for the tourney. bit turnout for a first tourney.

I said I wasn’t going to JOIN. Besides, despite your high and mighty 3s status, David, it would be wrong to reschedule the tournament just for you.


woah a whole nother 3s community! thats awesome, wish I coulda played you guys now… :o