Offline and XBOX Live and PSN: Defend agains jump crossups


Let’s bring this out of the question. I have been playing fighters for 20 years and I still have a low level.

I love fighters and online gaming is great, except that when people cross up jump I lose… and they see an opening and will do this for the entire match.

I’m trying to play Ryu, Gouki and Yun, and the only way to try to get out of there is whiffing a strong SRK or jump like a madman to the back and kick. With Guile I used to air throw. A lot.

Is there any suggestion or tips?


Couldn’t you just backdash out of it (assuming they don’t do some option select stuff)

You do mean like crossups on wakeup, correct?


Block. If you can’t block due to lag, play people you have better connections with.


If the other person spaces it correctly you can often just walk under them.
If the other person tries to cross up in a wake up you either block of focus out of it.
If the other person tries to land a hit from the air, often versus shotos you can often attack it before it lands.
Some things such as Honda’s sit attack is unsafe on block.

Make use of crouching heavy punch with characters such as Ryu. It could be different depending on the character.


Yes, mostly on knowckdown wakeup crossups I get hit, but sometimes I just stand still and get hit a lot

I’m giving up on online gaming with randoms, it’s well, random.

Part of the guess game is when to block :b: or :f: on a regular crossup jump, so I can dash under it?


if they are jumping over you i believe so.