Offline Command List files (Spinal and Fulgore WIP)


I’m wondering if there are any command list files for the game that can be downloaded. i’d like to be able to have the list up on my laptop or tablet while I practice instead of having to jump into the command menu all the time to look up something i might have missed/forgotten.

If there isn’t. Would anyone with a capture device be willing to get a good high quality screen shot of maybe Orchids ultra command screen, then maybe jago’s ultra command screen? those 2 alone would provide enough of the assets to make one by looking at it, and i’m currently compelled to do so.


edit: actually nvm, double helix has some forum posts that give character lists. all the assets are there, so no need for any screens. i’ll probably work on compacting each character onto a single screen though.

So I decided to make some command list images myself. After figuring out the best way for me to make them, i’ve been getting the movelists set up exactly like they display in game, and i’ve completed 3 characters so far.

Thunder will probably be the next character, then Orchid and Sadira last, due to their background images being quite small on the double helix forums. I’ll have to try and hunt larger images of those down before i complete them fully.

Please let me know if you see any mistakes made on the movelists (already caught one mistake on Sabrewulfs page before i uploaded it).


So I’ve finally figured out how i want to make these i think. And i’ve completed Jago’s movelist. these are pretty much just copied strait from the in-game menu for now, but i might add to them later. I decided to keep them 720p so they’d fit on my Nexus 7 tablet nicely. Let me know what you think


Finished Glacius.


Made the tables for Sabrewulfs moves, so i finished that up tonight while watching some KI streams


Thunder done:


Sadira and Orchid Completed, that’s all current characters. Orchids lists were too tall, so i had to jump it up to 1280x800. eventually i might do the same to the other images to keep them all the same size.


An android app with these should be GDLK.


I agree. I don’t have any knowledge on android app development, but there is one app currently in the market for KI. i think its called KI mini guide. it has movelists for each character. It can’t display a whole lot at once though, which is one issue i have with it and why i made these.


I had to re-do orchids. i accidentally had her ultra as tripple punch instead of kicks.


Good stuff man. Apreciate you putting in the time to get these up for people.


Thanks. There’s a really crappy app on Windows Phone that costs $1.

With your permission, I can make a very simple app for Windows Phone, using your images, for personal/friends use. I won’t be able to put it on the marketplace, but people with a link should be able to download it. Obviously I’d give you 100% of the credit for the move lists.

EDIT: I’m working on the app right now, but having some technical difficulties. I’ll post pictures whenever it is completed, but will not share the link until the OP has given me permission to use his pictures. I’ll PM him when the app is finished.

EDIT 2: For the most part the app is finished. I want to change the look of it and give it a fancy name, but the meat and potatoes are there. Using Microsoft’s cookie cutter app maker, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make the changes that I want, such as making the move lists bigger or screen rotating when turned sideways, but it is better than nothing.

Here are the pictures!3656

You click into the app and you’ll be at the Move Lists menu. Swipe left or right to see Shoryuken News and About sections. Click on a characters name to view their move list. Click on the image again to make it bigger and resize it to the size that you prefer.


That’s cool. If you want, i could actually probably take the images and make them into long images instead of wide ones, just stack all the boxes up if that’ll make it fit the app better. I wouldn’t mind doing that at all. Even though im on android, i’d be glad to see something on windows.

Whats the resolution on most windows phones these days? The current width of the table boxes are ~630 i think? So just a long list would probably fit a phone screen better. and i could remake them with a small watermark on them, along with some credit and that’d be more than enough for me.

here is a quick re-do of glacius in a taller format that might fit better for a phone screen. check it out and let me know if something like this would be better.


Thanks. I’ll put a few final touches on it tomorrow and post a link to it (maybe I’ll make a thread so I can post updates and get feedback for different device sizes). I’m not sure what the resolution is on most Windows Phones. They are pretty big when compared to IPhone and I don’t know about Android.

Since I’m using their quick and easy app making tool, I’m really limited on what I can do. I’ll mess with it more tomorrow, but from early tests tonight, it looks like the bottom of the image gets cut off if I use the long one 327x715. I might be able to make it work though. They want the images to be 715x715. When I mess with it tomorrow, I’ll see how much is on screen without needing to zoom in if the image is exactly 715x715.

The first images work well enough for now. Right now they are 715x402. It is a little hard to read without zooming in a little bit, but still readable.
They would be perfect if I could get the screen to rotate when the phone is turned sideways. That’s something else I’ll mess with tomorrow.

Just added the ability to pin characters to the start menu. For example if you look at Jago’s moves often, you can pin him to the start menu, click on the character pin, and be taken directly to his move list in the app. They can be resized between small and normal. Screenshot of what that looks like:!3658

Thanks again.


After messing with the app for about an hour, the Glacius one you posted the other day works the best. The ultra is cut off a little bit, but you can still see the command. Changing the size doesn’t seem to make a difference for whatever reason. They all end up being the same size, but the ones that are supposed to be smaller, have blurred text. I’m going to make the app public with a link now as it’s finished enough that updates would only make it look better until a new character comes out.

If you can make more vertical ones, I’d appreciate it. If not, that’s fine. You’ve already helped so much. Thanks again for all your help. I’ll be making a new thread to post updates on. It will be mostly small things until the new characters come out. Then I’ll be back here begging for more move lists lol.

EDIT: App is on hold for a little bit. I’ve never shared one of my apps before and now it’s saying that the person needs an App Studio account to use it. I’ll need to test it with a windows phone friend if App Studio accounts are still free. Hopefully I can get it up tomorrow if it is. I don’t want people needing to pay anything to access the app.

EDIT 2: App Studio is still free. If anybody wants the app, pm me your email and I’ll send the app through App Studio. If I ever decide to pay the $19 a year to publish apps on the marketplace, I’ll be able to post a public link. That’s pretty unlikely though.


Haven’t check SRK in a few days. I can work on a few more tall lists. the only issue might be Orchids. If its cutting off glacius’s list, then orchid might cut off even more. I had to extend her movelist by 80 pixels just to make all the moves fit. i think its due to all of her Ichi Ni San linkers/openers. but that will end up making her’s quit a bit taller than other characters.

I might be able to figure out a good way to condense the lists down into a much smaller one. I’ll look at it a bit, but I have to say, at this point, i haven’t played a whole lot of KI recently, since my holiday break is over and im back to work. I’m also really looking forward to spinal, so I’m trying to wait a bit for him to show up.


Don’t worry about it. I’m kind of depressed that it’s not as easy to share as I originally thought. If I end up making more apps for other stuff that I want public, I’ll go ahead and buy the $19 account upgrade and send you a PM. Right now it’s a bit frustrating how it works to download the app. Somebody would have to make an app studio account, send me an email, wait for a response, then finally download the app (at least I think that’s all).

Thanks for all your help though. I’ve already used the app and will continue to do so.

On second thought, I might be able to upload it to SkyDrive and have people download it from there. I’ll test it out and edit this reply in a few minutes.

EDIT: That does work. There may be hope for this app yet. I’ll have to test if it still requires an App Studio account though.

EDIT: Fiddlesticks, you do still need one. However it does cut the step of emailing me and waiting for a response. If you make the rest of the move lists, I’ll update the app and make a new thread. If not, don’t worry about it. It’s still frustrating that they have to make an account just to use the app when they can probably just save the pictures to their phones to get a similar effect.


Just saw a free ki app on windows phone, downloaded it.
On the characters page, a few pictures and some text saying" there is only 3 characters at the minute" thats that app deleted already.


I finally got around to finishing and the Apple app store approving my latest app for Killer Instinct. It’s available on Android and iOS.

It’s basically just a moves list with the move/frame data in an organized fashion. It doesn’t require internet connection or anything once it’s downloaded. The frame data is from the in-game data, so if it’s wrong in game, then it will be wrong in there as well. As things are fixed I plan on updating it for sure.

Last night I updated the Android version with the Spinal info, and tonight I’m going to submit the update to Apple, which takes like 5-7 days to get approved. I was going to do it last night, but I had to update to the latest OSX version to use the latest Xcode version, and it’s just a headache and takes a while and I didn’t have time to do that.

Anyways, here is the link to more info.

If this is too much self promotion for these forums, let me know and I’ll delete this post, but I figured it is relevant to this topic at hand.


IOS programming can be pretty annoying. Are you planning on keeping frame data up to date if it changes though? THat is the main thing from keeping me from wanting to make an app.


Yeah I do. Right now it’s up to date with the in game and when I know of changes that are made I plan to update it.

Last night I updated the iOS one to be iOS 7 compatible as well as added in Spinal’s info.