Offline Endless Battle #3 Results 12-11-10

Super Street Fighter 4 Main Event

1st - MikeG "BKBalrog"
2nd - EMP Dieminion
3rd - Adnan
4th - Chris G
5th - Rhys London
5th - Zabi
7th - Wayne
7th - Max "Zaichiek"
9th - EMP Sanford Kelly
9th - Kevin Wu
9th - LiquidSRK
9th - EMP Remix
13th - Terrell M
13th - Francis

Afterwards, we had a “Salty Runback” Random Select Tournament. This was winner takes all.

1st - EMP Sanford Kelly
2nd - MikeG "BKBalrog"
3rd - Wayne
4th - Max "Zaichiek"
5th - Rhys London
5th - Dzyne
7th - Kevin Wu


Fun tournament, you spelt my name wrong MikeG. It’s Zabi not Zaby. GGs to sanford, liquid srk, and Chis G

MIKE G!!! You are my inspiration!!! So how is the venue and everything!!!

Good ish Mike… SMH:rolleyes:

Good time guys. ^^
Fun was had by all, I enjoyed running this and getting some casuals vs you guys. Turnout was pretty small but it was a nice casual event and it was fun chillin and gaming together. Everyone seemed to have a good time and Im happy about that.

Shoutouts to MikeG for rigging the brackets as I slipped Dieminion a 8 way stick.
/obvious sarcasm
Seriously though great job running the brackets man and helping set up. You rock. :slight_smile:

Shoutouts to PoeM for knocking LiquidSRK out of Evo Online as we watched Liquid play.

Shoutouts to Sanford for being salty after the main event, salty after losing MM to MikeG and asking for runbacks, and remaining salty after winning the random character event cause its not as satisfying being a random event and not “real”. All hail the king of salt. <3

Shoutouts to citi for having the worst luck ever. I guess its ok cause the turnout wasn’t that high so we had enough equipment, but ya we were left to our own devices. Had to make a jog to home depot cause of the lack of equipment but we got through it.

Shoutouts to Nelson for losing to jabmashing. to Wayne for winning for free vs me in random character tourney, twice. and to everyone else I played against in tourney and casuals, good time and good games. ^^

The venue was nice and cozy, had a good atmosphere and a decent place to hold gaming events. The food and drink isn’t really gamer minded prices unfortunately (bar prices) but there are alternatives in the area. We provided bubble tea which people enjoyed but unfortunately I can’t set up our kitchen to have atomic buster burgers and kushiyaki kunai at gamer minded prices like we had in the previous two events, so Im still searching for venues to really provide that full service event without players having to leave the venue. However as mentioned Bratva Bar has quite a nice atmosphere and served us well so Im definitely holding on to connections there. This was a decent test run of a casual full day event in bk. Everyone seemed to have a good time and enjoy themselves there.
Mike is looking for something a bit more accessible in location for regular events however since Coney Island is out of the way for most people. But its a nice venue so I may (edit: if I can provide my own food + refreshments, I feel as though this is one aspect of round3 that I did not succeed at as well as I wanted to, if I can’t pull this off here I will find somewhere I can, still looking at other venues) ask him to work on a collaboration there again for a BK event. Nothing immediate though.

Anyways, done writing my essays here. Good times all. :slight_smile:

Good shit to the top 3 of this tournament. I always like to see my two fav EC players take that fight money. Good shit. Yo Mike I have to stop missing tournaments that you blow shit up in.

I mad you finally won one but it wasnt a GC, lol

I helped run the tournament with Max so technically, I finally won my own tournament o_0

So Zabi really blew sanford up and eliminated him? Or I was just seeing things :wonder: Looked random to me


No vids unfortunately, you just had to be there. ^^

there were some photos taken:

What character did zabi beat sanford with?

Viper. He was also a pad player.

lol this just couldn’t be in Queens anymore apparently :(. I have finals coming up so I gotta start studying. Grats to Mike G.

good shit mikeG!