Offline or Online? And combo starter questions

Before going into the topic, I’d like to say I’m a total beginner to fighting games. I’m talking about SS4:AE as I’m sure most of you could’ve figured.

So I’ve been wanting to start put to use what I’ve been practicing in training mode, but whenever I go online I get wrecked nonstop.

I’m wondering should I spend more time in training mode or keep going online to find matches.

I think my main problem is I have no idea how to get into a combo. I know the combo’s but how do I start them? Just try to get a poke in? I seem to put out no pressure at all. Is that what blockstrings are for?

Extra question: Who’re some characters with really good pokes/footsies?

Thanks in advance.

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Offline >>>>> Online. Find local people to play with. Online gives you bad habits.

Online can be just as good if thats all you have. Your probably thinking about doing too much when all you need is a little. Ryu/Bison have got some really good footsies for beginners.

If Latif can get good from playing online for a huge chunk of his training then its good.

Yeah I agree with you all. I believe offline and online has its place in anyone’s training. Mike Ross, Latif, and Wolfkrone are huge advocates of Online training.

However, I played for the first time seriously offline and it was completely different. It was with someone I know well so I wasn’t nervous and mashing out. I was actually trying to react to whiffs and punish. Tried my combos. I definitely felt that was my best play yet. Problem is they’re out of town again.

Been trying to get my friends into SS4:AE, but no takers. I’m actually the only one who ever took games more seriously of my friends so it’s a bit tough to find a regular person to fight.

Thanks to you all who actually left some advice.

If possible, you should go for offline play in arcades and with people who want to play SF seriously. Although, If your only option is online because no one around you is interested in fighting games, then try to deal with that because fighting someone offline who has no interest in fighting games is the same as fighting a scrub online, doesn’t benefit you in any way. Learn how to bait things before worrying about combos.

this is my personal opinion so take it w/ a grain on salt. i find that i improve better when i have a set regimen or when i have a goal during my session. am i trying to improve my combo execution on a moving opponent? am i trying to find/try new set-ups on my opponent? or am i just giving my all just to stay fresh in the game. etc. etc. etc.

you don’t go into a game looking for combos unless you’re trying to improve your execution or make yourself comfortable using them. it just happens. there are times in AE when i rarely do an advance combo during a match. during the whole time it could be once or twice advance combos depending on the character selection of me and my opponent.

so let’s say you’re trying to improve on how to open up your opponent. the easiest way is in AE is after a knockdown then go for a cross-up or not. after that go into your hit confirm. then depending if your opponent guess correctly you can do many things from there.

by guess correctly do u just mean block in the right direction or?
we all hear “guess correctly” non stop but none of us(scrubs) have a very advanced understanding of what is meant

by guessing correcty he means knowing the situation youre in and making a correct judgement call. this generally implies one understands zoning,safe jumps, matchup information etc