Offline Tournament Software

Kinda stumped about this and I figured if anyone knew, it’d be the hardcore FG fans here! I’m not looking for anything extravagant, but I am looking for something that fits my needs. I’m sure before all the online tournament bracket hosting, some sort of offline software had to exist to fit the needs of others.

I just need it to do both single and double elimination setups, with customizable/decent number of entrants.

Does anyone know of a program like that, that’s preferably free?

ALJ’s Tournament Maker


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Found a great software package for tournament bracketing…

Tournament bracket maker…and TO RGB Line Namerator.

Tournament Organizing isn’t fighting game specific. It’d be far out of line to post in that section when my post has nothing to do with the specifics of fighting games.


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Microsoft Excel

All those are fine but it is easier just to do it online. … problem solved. Makes and prints tournament brackets. Best way if you need a tournament bracket maker.
This one is good for online tournament management.


Have you seen this?

Arena15 is a tool to manage your tournaments: subscriptions, matches, standings/classifications, knockouts… etc

PES 2016 / FIFA 16 / Football Manager 2016 / etc…