Offline Versus Replays?


Hey guys, I know that if you play matches online, your replay data is saved in the replay log.

Is this still the case if you play offline versus mode? I would like to record some casuals between me and some friends, but recording during the match itself isn’t really plausible because I play on PC and the recording causes skipping / lag.


if you refer to the battle log thing only and not some kind of hack, then no theres no way to do it. But I’m surprised that someone hasn’t modded the game to do such a thing by now, assuming its possible.


Looks like this feature might be coming for USF4




Its an awesome and long overdue idea, have they stated how many matches can be stored at a time?


10 =/


ouch. Well, that sucks. Seems weird to have such a small limit, should be based on HDD size on consoles / pc you’d think.


on console it’s less of an issue as you can simply switch profiles every 10 games if you want to store a large number in one session and that will only take 45 seconds or so.

On pc I assume people will just find the file then when it gets to 10 make a copy of it if they are playing a set, then keep doing that.

Either way it’s a needless hassle and the limit should probably be much higher to allow it to be used for tournaments and the like. If online can store as many as it can I don’t know why offline can’t store as many. Hopefully you can “save” them like you save your battlelog at least so there can at least be some archiving.


limit should be around 250~ at least for tournaments … why is there a limit to begin with ? isnt it simply text code data with input in it ? a replay must be like 50kb


a replay is 50 KB judging from the PC files… wtf is this limit? do they think we’re struggling with storage space? you could store more replays on a floppy disk


50kb is too much for my 320 GB HDD.