Offset with art printing?

Hey guys, I printed my art off today, but when I got it home I realized it was too big for my stick (EX2), even though I used the proper template

Here is the exact pic I printed (make sure to view the large version by downloading)

So yeah, I think I was offscale with the art, when I put it down it seemed like it was zoomed or something, nothing aligned and it was even too long for the stick

Any ideas why this happened? When printing should I just be going with a simple A4 or is there anything else I need to keep in mind?

Would printing this off be ok?

Just took a look at the picture. Next time you go to Kinko’s tell them to print that at 100% and to turn off the check box next to:
"Scale Image to Fit Media"
If they print off of Photoshop.

Next time you go to the print shop take a ruler and measure that the dimensions of the print are 9.527 inches by 5.353 inches before you walk out with the art print. I had to stop going to Kinkos because some days they got a retard operating the printer and despite me leaving a checklist they manage to screw the sizing up all the time.

Thanks for the response

I was looking over the internet and came across a blog where a guy modded his EX2, and he uploaded the file he used for his art

When I open said PDF, and go to print, I see a list of options come dropping down, there is a “fit to printable area” option, which I take it is the same as “scale image to fit media”?

The best option I can see is well, the “none” option (with regards to scaling). It places the image in the middle of the preview page, with measurements showing 11.69 inches horizontally and 8.27 vertically

Here is a picture

So do you reckon with the white areas around the art, it would be ok? Given the guy on the blog ended up with something very, very similar

yep. White area is how it is supposed to be, you have to cut that off, then get a lamilable, or you can send if off to for a vinyl sticker that is very similar to what the stock ex2 art was printed on.

The very least you can do is print out the template in black and white and see how it fits on the stick.