Offshore Tax Haven Data Leaked To Interwebz


Canada gets the scoop too :slight_smile:

obviously nothing will come of this, as it will just get either buried in the courts, or some scapegoat will be a patsy, or more than likely it will just never get dealt with because money lets you get away with everyfuckingthing


White collar money laundering?

I hope it went down like this:


Some governments are actually pretty happy about this. Germany fucking hates tax dodgers, and they’re going to be using it to start going after people. Here in Canada there is a lot of anger about this, due to the people involved, and they’ve now setup a hotline so you can inform Revenue Canada about people dodging their taxes, and you get 15% of any money over 100k that the government recovers. A lot of people in Europe are pissed, especially Greece (which is going through austerity measures, while the rich are just hiding their money in these havens).

I really hope something gets done with this. The sheer amount of money in these accounts is incredible.

This isn’t small change, this is a fucking HUGE ass percentage of money available to the world, that’s just being hidden by these rich scumbags.


None of these corps or CEOs will be brought to trial, just the person that leaked the information, they’ll face 75 years in prison.



Goddamn poor people ruining our rich men schemes.


IDK, this could go about bringing change

Obviously not the one that is desirable

No true rich man is going to get 20+ years for tax dodging (a nasty crime btw in almost every country, just don’t fuck around with govmmnt money)

But the possibility is there.

Greece, Crete, Spain, Italy, and Portugal will be the ones im interested in since they have had to eat so much shit.


I doubt you will see jail time, but no fucking way will every one of these people manage to dodge taxes. They’ll be ordered to pay fines or backtaxes, and begrudgingly they will do so. But politicians will not be sending their bankrollers and supporters and people likely in charge of large parts of the economy, to prison.

Even though that is what they deserve.


hrmmmm, IRS seems to really want that money.


For once I’m backing the IRS.