OG Cammy Player Needing Advice


I am picking this up soon. Are there any characters that would be up my alley?


I assume you mean characters closest to Cammy. It’s pretty different from sf, but if I had to pick the closest to her it may be Chie since they both focus heavily on getting a knockdown and their mixup game on opponent’s wakeup are strong. I’m speaking in terms of similarity in character goal (gameplay focused on getting a knockdown and mixups) but there’s no character like Cammy in terms of similarity in character tools.

You might want to check out the link for a very broad idea of the characters in this game.


There’s also this (partial) translation of the Japanese wiki’s “Please Introduce all the Characters!” section that I never finished. There are Google-Translated placeholders (awful) in parts, but they’re clearly marked with cyan highlights.

Honestly though, if this is your first new-school / “anime” fighter, don’t be suprised if you end up liking a character with a playstyle different than what you’re used to from Street Fighter. While the fundamentals of spacing, anti-airing, etc. are similar, the general game flow can be pretty different. I, for instance, gravitate towards zoners and characters with strong midrange pokes who must fish for hits in new-school games (Naoto in this game), but I play Makoto in both 3S and the SFIV series.


From one Cammy to another - Mitsuru.


Thanks guys!


Aigis. she’s like cammy ALL OVER YOUR FACE.


same. Dudley player checking in… i use Naoto… first tried learning Kanji.